Helping Create Successful Gyms Since 2008

RxGYMsoftware started in one gym as a better way to record workout results and history. It has grown since November of 2008 as a collaborative effort with gym owners to become what it is today.  

We spend our time and money on tools and enhancements that help gyms better serve their athletes and attract new ones.  We don't sponsor athletes, we help you create your own.  Word-of-mouth is our best marketing technique.  We are in the business of making your gym better, not spending money on an 'image' that translates to a higher cost for you.

Get a professional, interactive website up and running in minutes with our free trial setup wizard. It will have all the bells and whistles we've come up with so far... plus, if we add anything later you will get it automatically and free. Your cost will never go up and you won't have to pay extra to get new stuff. 720-515-2496

Lou  ''I really love the new feature of the tv mode.  Clients love it too!''

Jeanette  ''Our website has been mentioned many times by our athletes for being not only user friendly, but they LOVE the social features too! Being able to use that feature to cheer each other on has been awesome! And that is exactly why I won't even look into another website! Because you guys are AWESOME! Its great to be able to communicate with you and get a response!''

Bryan  ''I hooked a TV up at the gym and MADE everyone log their results today. Worked well and they liked it. Having the site up and running (in the gym) is great. Today is the most result posts I’ve had in a long time.''

John  ''After setting up our site, in a matter of days we had 32 clients sign up. They absolutely LOVE it and so do I. This has taken our business to a more professional Level. The Facebook Widget is a HUGE plus for us and has allowed to to channel in our Facebook followers to our site very easily. Your website is dynamic, navigation is easy and intuitive and the visuals are exciting and motivating.  Its so easy to update and customize too. We could not have chosen a better company to host our site. What a BLESSING! THANK YOU!!''

Amy  ''Thank you for watching out for these potential security/privacy threats. We really appreciate the constant updates and changes that you guys make to the site in order to continue improving and evolving with the needs of your customers. A big thanks!! Keep up the good work :)''

Adam  ''I do LOVE this website and it truly is a crucial part of my business!''

Lori  ''We are still loving our website and glad that we have gone with you guys! Our members love it as well! :)''

Leigh  ''Thank you so much for all of your help!!! You continue to exceed in customer service! Going with you guys was the best decision we made for our box!! You guys ROCK!! Thanks again.''

Ryan  ''Thank you again for providing such a great service, we have had many many complements on our website and we all seem to find the functionality very easy to learn.''

Daniel  ''Everything is up and going. Thank you so much as always. You guys are amazing and beyond helpful.''

Chad  ''We are really enjoying your website. Our Athletes love it!''

Jean  ''After using the site for a while I'd like to tell you that we love it!! It's user friendly for both us and our athletes, it's very professional looking and it does everything we need!''

Kevin  ''Hey guys, I am getting a ton of positive feedback so far on the website.''

Kelley  ''i have had multiple calls from other software companies and i have told them all that we are really happy with RxGYM!  i know i am not using it to its full capacity but i cannot believe how easy set up and running it have been.  thank you so much!''

Brian  ''This is the best software for affiliates. It's all-inclusive. When I first opened I used ZP and BtWB AND ran my website. Now it's all in one place. It just does a lot and it's awesome for me.''

Tylor  ''My Coaches and Athletes can't get over the sense of community RxGymSoftware has created for our Box!''

Rick  ''Awesome! Thanks a zillion! awesome product!''

Tony  ''I want to express how amazing your product is and how awesome your customer service has been. You really have made huge strides. I'm thankful to have witnessed it.''

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