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Saturday, July 26, 2014 Tomorrow: RHOP 7.27
Anniversary Nate M & Gillian
Team Swim WOD

2 Person Team Swim WOD

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Friday, July 25, 2014
Linda W
SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! Who's in for a SWIM WOD? The Crossfit Games 2014 are starting this Wednesday!!!! We know everyone is going to be glued to there screens watching the events! SO tomorrow afternoon we will be having a viewing of the Crossfit Games at a local pool house. BUT we can't just watch the Games. We are going to have our own little FRIENDLY competition SWIM WOD and Paleo Potluck!!!! Who's in?? The WOD will not be announced till everyone has arrived at the pool. All we can tell you is it's a 2 person TEAM WOD!

Linda W
Time: 4:00, first WOD heat will start promptly at 5:00. Their will be a sign up sheet at the gym. Please sign up ASAP!  

Location:190 Hampton station boulevard,Canton GA 30115  

There will be NO CHILDCARE. We strongly advise you to use your best judgment on bringing your kids. The pool house does NOT have a play room and the TVs will be showing the Crossfit Games only!  

This is an ADULT WOD only.  

Paleo Pot luck!!! Bring your favorite recipes!!! Alcoholic beverages are allowed.... After your WoD of course!

The Big Chief

5 Rounds for Total Reps of:
  3 Minute AMRAP of:  
    3 Power Cleans  Rx(205/135)  Rx2(135/95)
    6 Hand Release Push-Ups
    9 Air Squats  

  Rest 1 minute...

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Chosen as WOD: Tue,Jun 4,2013
1st254 RxLinda W Fri,Jul 25,2014
2nd156 RxMorgan J Tue,Jun 4,2013
3rd94 RxAngela Du Tue,Jun 4,2013
1st278 RxRonnie Tue,Jun 4,2013
2nd274 RxBryan B Tue,Jun 4,2013
3rd273 RxJohn R Tue,Jun 4,2013

Willie273  #115
Paul Br216 Rx2
Christine L265 Rx2 95lbs
Gary L216 Rx2
Susan J202  45lb
Jonell198  45#
Lance H182 Rx
Stan203  95# power clean
Becky199  45#
Kristi B270  45#
Jim L198  75#
Julie S91 Rx2 125# cleans, this is my 1RM
Leslie201  65# clean
Tracy93 Rx2 100# first 3 rounds, 95# last two
Bryan R291 Rx2 165 for 4 rounds the rest at 135
Linda W254 Rx
John N181 Rx
Courtney D228  45#
Mariah273 Rx2
Jeff Hel216 Rx2 155
Bobby S259 Rx2 @ 165
Billy215 Rx2 185 lbs
Lance W243 Rx2 155lb
Briana234 Rx2 115 cleans
Marlene266  75#
CrossFit Cherokee Jul 25,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Jul 25,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Jul 25,2014

Linda W 9:14am
TGIF Warriors!  Don't forget ...NO CLASSES TOMORROW at 9, 10, 11am.  Instead we'll be Swim WODing at 4pm at Hampton Station neighborhood pool.  Sign up to join in the fun, or just come and cheer everyone on!  Read above for more details.  We're hoping this turns out to be a really fun community event and we want to see EVERYONE there!

Jeff R 10:50am
Alight so tomorrow is the day! We are very excited to have our Crossfit Etowah and Crossfit Cherokee family under the same roof for a evening of fun fitness! Since we are not letting you know what the secret WOD is we thought it would be only fair to post a picture of items you may need/want to have during your swim WOD. Take a close look at this photo and make sure that if you have these items... BRING THEM!!  
(Items shown in picture: goggles, swim suit, running shoes, weightlifting shoes, chafing cream, tape, and wrist wraps)

John R 11:00am
I don't have any chafing cream....Im screwed!