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Saturday, December 20, 2014
Row, PP, BJ,

25 Cal Row
50 Push Presses 65/45   Rx2: Push Jerks
100 Box Jumps  24/20   Rx2: 20/18
50 Push Presses 65/45   Rx2: Push Jerks  
25 Cal Row

1st16:26 RxAngie F Today!
2nd20:10Sallie Today!
3rd21:22Aleyda Today!
1st18:35 RxShane Today!

Shane18:35 Rx
Aleyda21:22  35 1st pp then step up then 25 pp
Sallie20:10  PP 35# all else rx
Shannon23:50  35# PP, rest RX
Angie F16:26 Rx At Etowah

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Friday, December 19, 2014
Happy Birthday Nathan J
Anniversary Robert S
Linda W
Holiday Schedule week of Christmas & New Years:  
Mon: Early AM (5:30/6:30), AM (8/9/10), PM (4:30/5:30/6:30/7:30)  
Tues: Early AM, AM, PM  
Wed (the eve): Early AM, AM (no PM)
Thur (day of): Closed  
Fri (day after): 9am & 10am  
Sat: 9am & 10am

Front Squats, BJ, KBS, DU's

12 min AMRAP
  5 Front Squats  Rx(135/95)  Rx2: 95/65
  10 Box Jumps  Rx(24/20)     Rx2: 20/18
  15 Kettle Bell Swings  Rx(53/35)   Rx2: 35/26
  20 Double-Unders                 Rx2:60 singles

Chosen as WOD: Wed,Sep 12,2012
1st230 RxAngela Du Wed,Sep 12,2012
2nd205 RxJyl Wed,Sep 12,2012
3rd197 RxAngie F Fri,Dec 19,2014
1st280 RxJohn Neg Fri,Dec 19,2014
2nd250 RxGlen G Fri,Dec 19,2014
3rd211 RxScott Sy Wed,Sep 12,2012

Angie F197 Rx
Stephanie C276 Rx2 20'' box
Christine H280 Rx2
Glen G250 Rx
Jim L234  45#FS, 18''box, 35#kb, 20 sit ups
Jim E435  45#FS, 18''box, 35#kb, singles
Susan J200  15#FS, 45#plate jumps, 18#kb, singles & sit ups
Wanda360  15#FS, 12''step ups, 18#kb, singles
Ellen452  25#FS, 12''box, 18#kb, singles
Jerry R400  15#FS, 20''step ups, 26#kb, 20 sit ups
Stan163  65#FS, 24''step ups, 35#kb, singles
Bryan R200 Rx
Jamie C190  mix of singles & DUs
John Neg280 Rx
Denise363 Rx2 55#
Sallie188  55#FS, all else Rx - at perimeter
Linda W 10:03am
There will be NO 6:30 WOD this evening.  But there will be at 4:30 & 5:30 class.  Thank you for your understanding.

Linda W 10:51am
Chris Kahn
206 reps  
(mixed singles/Dus; used 70#/53#KB)