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Thursday, October 30, 2014 Tomorrow: MU, SU, DU ,Hang Snatch 5 x 5 ,PERF 10.31.14 ,The Stable - WOD 2

7 Rounds of:  
  3 Forward Rolls
  5 Wall Climbs
  7 Toes To Bar
  9 Box Jumps  Rx(30/24)

Chosen as WOD: Sat,May 17,2014
1st17:27 RxChristine L Today!
1st21:00 RxBilly Today!

Billy21:00 Rx Alpha
Christine L17:27 Rx Alpha

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Happy Birthday Courtney D
Anniversary Paul Br
Snatch Grip Push Press 1 Rep Max

Establish a 1 Rep Max Snatch Grip Push Press

1st120 RxJulie S Wed,Oct 29,2014
2nd115 RxLinda W Wed,Oct 29,2014
3rd105 RxAngie F Wed,Oct 29,2014
1st275 RxJamie S Wed,Oct 29,2014
2nd125 RxChristopher Wed,Oct 29,2014
3rd115 RxPaul Br Wed,Oct 29,2014

Angie F105 Rx
Paul Br115 Rx
Wendy85 Rx
Christine L95 Rx
Susan J65 Rx
Jim E100 Rx
Wanda55# Rx
Jerry R65# Rx
Kristi B45 Rx
Becky65 Rx
Julie S120 Rx Got 125 but didn't stick it.
Jamie S275 Rx
Katie B85 Rx
Sallie45 Rx shoulder did not love
Linda W115 Rx
Christopher125 Rx
Courtney D60 Rx
Tammie85 Rx
Sharon75 Rx
Marissa75 Rx
Kaitlin100 Rx
Dave85lbs Rx
Kathy N75 Rx Attempted 85
Beth F70 Rx
CrossFit Cherokee Oct 29,2014

John N 11:19pm
Dang Kaitlin.... Kickin sum Leaderboard @$$ today I see