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  Thursday, April 17, 2014 Tomorrow: 800, FPU, PU, HSPU
Split Jerks 5 x 3

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Tue,May 21,2013 Wed,Dec 26,2012
140 Rx Angela Du Tue,May 21,2013
 135 Rx Morgan J Tue,May 21,2013
  115 Rx Kaci Thu,Dec 27,2012
245 Rx Jamie S Today!
 230 Rx Buster Wed,Dec 26,2012
  225 Rx Jeff R Wed,Dec 26,2012

Elise105 Rx
Paul Br125# Rx
Erik115 Rx
Melissa S100 Rx
Nate S165 Rx
Glen G165 Rx
Jamie S245 Rx sore back
Gary L135 Rx
CrossFit Cherokee Apr 17,2014

Linda W 9:43am
This is how we rolled at today's 9AM Mobility wod >>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Welcome Brittany
200m Farmers Carry  (2-45's/2-25's)
    Wall Balls  (20/14)
    Ring Dips  Rx2(Banded Ring Dips)
200m Farmers Carry  (2-45's/2-25's)

rest 2 minutes, then

    Flutter Kicks
    Good Mornings

Score is total time MINUS the 2 minute rest

0% 0%
16:06 Rx Kaci Wed,Apr 16,2014
 17:34 Rx Angie F Wed,Apr 16,2014
  11:23 Rx2 Kari Wed,Apr 16,2014
13:21 Rx Bryan B Wed,Apr 16,2014
 14:47 Rx Glen G Wed,Apr 16,2014
  14:49 Rx Buster Wed,Apr 16,2014

Elise14:58 Rx2 purple band
Melissa S15:02 Rx2
Erik15.49  20 wb band
Debbi13:40  18 in. bx rd 10#wb
Wendy17:21  25#fk, 10#wb, grn band rd
Angie F17:34 Rx Only had to no rep myself 3 times on ring dips - better than last time :-)
Glen G14:47 Rx
Lance H15:17 Rx2
Jim L13:27  masters, 25#fc, 14# wb
Jonell17:25  Banded rd. 10 ball, 10 # Farmer Carry
Debi17:25  10# ball, 10# weight,
Jim E12:14  25lb farmers carry
Becky17:30  10# wall ball
Wanda17:00  box dips
Jerry R21:33  box dips masters
Susan J16:56  10# carry, banded rd, 10# ball
Julie S18:38 Rx2 Rack banded ring dips
Aleyda19:47  10 farmer carrier plus band
Kari11:23 Rx2
Shannon21:23 Rx2
Bryan R14:55 Rx
Jamie S19:16 Rx2 Band on ring dips
Katie H15:47 Rx2 band ring dips, 1 mile run outside
Bobby S17:39 Rx
Marissa15:49 Rx2
Andrea O15:45 Rx2
Kaci16:06 Rx 26# kb fc, 20# wb
Sharon17:16 Rx2 + 1 mile very slow run
Bryan B13:21 Rx MU to ring dip, 53lb KB farmers carry
Jenn12:22 Rx2 banded ring dips, 26 kb FC + stadium run CO
Destiny16:02 Rx2 green band ring dips
Kaitlin19:20 Rx2 Ring dips: green band on rack
Tom T16:56 Rx
Buster14:49 Rx
Linda W18:13 Rx2 banded ring dip progression. form is not there consistently for RX. CashOut 1mile run.
Mark H18:19 Rx
John T18:06 Rx 1 mile cash out
Marlene15:28 Rx2 Row 1500m
Beth F17:46 Rx2 Banded RD, I mile run CO
Kathy N17:54 Rx2 Banded rd, 1 mile cash out 11:46
Jamie C15:05 Rx2 Banded ring dips; stadium run CO
CrossFit Cherokee Apr 16,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Apr 16,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Apr 16,2014

Sharon 6:14pm
Thanks Bobby and Marissa for running that last bit with me and urging me to finish that mile run!!

Corey B 8:44pm
If you haven't rowed 10k meters yet (John), you should try it. This was my third attempt and just like after the first two I swore I'd never do it again. But I'm sure there will be a fourth time and beyond. Once you do it, you'll see how impressive Scott's split times today were.