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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Tomorrow: Hang Cleans, Pistols, Row
Happy Birthday Michael Ho
Anniversary Michael Ho
Pause Squats

Pause Squats  
  3×3 Double Pause Front Squats
  Pause for 10 seconds at the bottom and 5 seconds half way up.  

Rx(135/95)  Rx2(95/65)

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Monday, September 15, 2014
Happy Birthday Brian St
Deck of Cards

Check In
Bodyweight movements are chosen for each class via a random drawing.  The CrossFit Coach flips over playing cards one at a time.  The suit represents the movement.  

Hearts =  
Diamonds =  
Spades =  
Clubs =  

The number on the card represents the number of reps.  
  All face cards are 10 reps.  
  Aces are 20 reps.

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Chosen as WOD: Wed,Oct 23,2013

ShielaYes  plank hold/burpees/sit ups/hollow rocks
Angie FYes 
Jim EYes  Masters
John NYes  Rx - this was no joke
Mike GYes  RX
TammieYes  800m run
Julie SYes  Reverse crunches, fpu, lunges, wb, all cards= 10, A=200 run, Q=burpees, K= pull ups, J= hollow rocks
Susan JYes 
Craig HYes  reverse crunches, ring dips, lunges, wall balls (30 lb), 200 m, burpees, hspu, pistols
TerryYes  rev crunch, pistol att, burpees, wall balls (14#) lunge, 200m
Courtney DYes 
JeffreyYes  yes
Jamie CYes 
KaciYes  Rx except fpu & 20# wb
MarleneYes  Yes
John TYes  Yes but missed 3 cards
BusterYes  YEAP!
Kathy NYes 
Glen GYes  Push Ups, Diamond Pish Ups, Planks, Back Ext
Shannon 1:59pm
UGH...I am going nuts...want back in the box.  Channeling Forrest Gumps sucks...