How to Join CFC
Your first step to becoming a member of CrossFit Clinton and to beginning your journey to a stronger, faster and healthier you is to contact us to set up an introductory session appointment.  

The first introductory session will cover all of the basic information about the gym and about CrossFit methodology, basically what we do and how we do it.  This is also the time where you will complete all of the necessary paperwork and we can spend a little time getting to know about you and what your goals are in beginning to train with us.  We will go through the Athlete Handbook and explain how to use our website for posting and tracking workout results and progress.

The second introductory session will focus mainly on our basic movements, especially the weightlifting to safely and efficiently move a barbell.  Your ultimate potential in CrossFit will be achieved only by learning how to efficiently move a loaded barbell with high intensity.  This session will complete your introduction and will prepare you to participate in the group classes with a solid foundation and understanding of how to begin.

Get in touch with Adam by calling 601-717-2519 or by emailing to set up your first introductory session.  The sessions are $50 each and will last approximately 1 hour.  These sessions are mandatory prior to entering the group classes.