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  Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Tomorrow: Partner DU, SDHP, WB ,PERF 4.24.14
Row, Clns, Pistls, C2B, Run
1000m Row
20 Cleans  Rx(205/125)  Rx2(165/105)
20 Alternating Pistols  (10/leg)  Rx2(40 Bodyweight Squats)
20 Chest to Bar  Rx2(Pull-Ups)
400m Run

100% 0%
13:36 Rx Linda W Today!
 14:36 Rx Kaci Today!
  13:48 Rx2 Angie F Today!
11:39 Rx Bryan B Today!
 11:57 Rx John R Today!
  14:42 Rx Buster Today!

Melissa S16:57  75# cleans, assisted pistols, grn bnd pu
Wendy17:21  75# cleans; wrapped-leg pistols; purple&red band pu's
Paul Br19:58  135# Clean, Green Band for Pistols
Nate S15:22  135# cleans; wrapped leg pistol
Angie F13:48 Rx2 105# cleans, Rx pistols & C2B
Glen G19:11  Scaled to my BW for clean and quasi pistols
Andreas21:32 Rx2 bw squats :(
Lance H12:56 Rx2 rx 2
Julie S17:22 Rx2 105 cleans, holding rack wrapped pistols, regular pull ups
Bryan R13:32  145 clean
Jamie S18:36 Rx2
Kari14:36  banded pull ups 75lb cleans
John R11:57 Rx
Katie H13:57  75# clean, ankle pistols
Jessica Go15:11  75# cleans, red & green band
Marissa14:25  75# clean, no band pups but didnt get ANY above bar, pistols holding on to bar
Janet16:07  75# clean, pull-ups, pistols holding rack
Andrea O14:11  grn band, 95#pc, ankle wraps
Kaci14:36 Rx
Bryan B11:39 Rx
Sharon15:36  75# clean, wrap pistols holding rack, gr/skinny red bands
Billy16:07  185 cleans
Sallie15:08 Rx2 65# clean, ankle wrap pistols
John T14:21 Rx2 ankle pistols, pu's
Jenn14:34  75lb cleans, ankle pistols pu attempts
Kyle N14:40 Rx2 165, wrap behind pistols
Linda W13:36 Rx
Robert S15:40  135lbs
Kaitlin14:06  95# chest to bar:)
John N16:51 Rx
Kathy N14:01  75 clean, green band pu, ankle pistols
Marlene15:01  75# clean , blue/purple band, ancle pistols holding rack
Buster14:42 Rx
CrossFit Cherokee Apr 23,2014

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  Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Anniversary Joshua B
5 rounds for time :
  400m Run
  30 Wall Balls (20/14)
  30 Box Jumps (24/20)

Please post your time as MM:SS.  Note any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Mon,May 6,2013 Fri,Nov 2,2012 Fri,Apr 27,2012 Mon,Feb 27,2012 Tue,Dec 6,2011
23:43 Rx Michele Tue,Apr 22,2014
 27:21 Rx Angie F Fri,Nov 2,2012
  28:12 Rx Angela Du Mon,Feb 27,2012
26:27 Rx Ryan M Mon,May 6,2013
 26:29 Rx Scott S Fri,Nov 2,2012
  27:36 Rx Kevin Fri,Nov 2,2012

Erik32:27  14# wb 18 inch step up
Billy35:18 Rx
Lance W35:30 Rx
Melissa S37:17  20' bx su
Michele23:43 Rx
Glen G29:49 Rx Almost throwded up...
Karen G24:45  step ups
Bryan R29:50  step ups
Jamie S49:00  step ups
Sallie36:19  At Perimeter - subbed 15# KB swing to goblet squat for WB. Brutal
Makenxie34:50 Rx
Marissa37:15  18 inch box jumps
Andrea O39:14 Rx
Julie S39:27 Rx goal for my first time on Kelly was 35. I was off by a very large margin. BAH!
Tammie41:53 Rx
Sharon42:50  ran 1x, rowed 500 4x, 10# wbs, 20 in step-ups
Shannon43:14 Rx
Mike G36:13 Rx 8 min slower ... and I'm with Kylee's assessment on this
Kaitlin33:01 Rx
Kylee39:48 Rx sucked ass
Christopher41:57  step ups, row last 400m
Tommy41:48 Rx
Buster34:33 Rx
Marlene32:42  Row, 14# wb, 18 in step up
Beth F40:44 Rx
John N33:33 Rx fN back pains suck....
Mandy35:00 Rx
Kathy N40:14  18' box 2 rounds did step ups
CrossFit Cherokee Apr 22,2014

Linda W 10:25am
9AM Mobility Class ...wrists & ankles. Want to learn more? Visit & ''LIKE'' our FB page (Crossfit Cherokee) for full video demos.

Julie S 2:25pm' running, (and again tomorrow). If I was a cherry picker, I'd have enough for a trough of cobbler by now. 😜

Linda W 5:36pm
Way to kick a on this WOD, Lillah!! (Makenxie!). Proud of you! Kelly is yo' WOD!