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  Saturday, April 19, 2014 Tomorrow: RHOP 4.20.14
Happy Birthday Kevin
Scott S
Because of the Easter Holiday on Sunday, Open Gym will be delayed until 3:00.

Run, BJ, WB
7 Rounds For Time:  
  200m Run  
  15 Box Jumps  Rx(24/20)
  15 Wall Balls  Rx(20/14)

0% 0%
24:26 Rx Mandy Today!
 25:40 Rx Lisa Today!
  26:53 Rx Kaitlin Today!
18:58 Rx Hunter Today!
 20:24 Rx Glen G Today!
  20:59 Rx Jason C Today!

Gary L24:46  Box steps
Janet25:43  several step-ups
Kaitlin26:53 Rx rough day
Hunter18:58 Rx
Glen G20:24 Rx
Jason C20:59 Rx
Bryan R20:45  step ups
Aleyda26:32  18 step up 10 wb
Shannon30:35 Rx
Nate S22:13 Rx
Lisa25:40 Rx
Denise22:00  18''box, 10#wb
Bobby S23:30 Rx
Mandy24:26 Rx

Scott S 2:57pm
OPEN BOX tomorrow, Easter Sunday from 3-5pm

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  Friday, April 18, 2014
800, FPU, PU, HSPU
3 Rounds for Time
  800 meter Run
  10 Flash Push-Ups
  10 Pull-Ups
  30 Sec Handstand Hold

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Wed,Oct 31,2012 Fri,Sep 14,2012 Mon,Sep 3,2012 Mon,Jun 25,2012 Mon,Jan 2,2012
14:30 Rx Angela Du Wed,Oct 31,2012
 15:31 Rx Angie F Fri,Apr 18,2014
  16:12 Rx Jyl Wed,Oct 31,2012
12:45 Rx Scott S Wed,Oct 31,2012
 13:05 Rx Corey B Fri,Apr 18,2014
  13:21 Rx Kevin Wed,Oct 31,2012

Erik20:30  green band pu
Elise21:56  green band pu
Melissa S21:50  grn bnd pu
Paul Br23:12  Headstands Instead of Handstands
Angie F15:31 Rx work on consistent pace for 800's
Corey B13:05 Rx strict pull ups, 10 strict HSPUs during each hold
Melissa B26:13 Rx
Gillian21:42 Rx
Jim E21:56  burpees instead of hand stands, one hand stand
Jim L21:55  5 burpees
Gene13:45 Rx
Shane15:56 Rx
Mike G15:08 Rx
Brooke16:54 Rx 1.5 mile run: 11:11
Kari15:46  dip band
Bryan R18:20 Rx
Mandy17:40 Rx
Marissa21:01  almost rx all pups were not above bar, one headstand
Janet19:45 Rx
John T15:36 Rx
Julie S22:47 Rx Didn't use a box for pull ups, so those took more time than usual
Chandler14:33 Rx
Jessica Go27:59  red & green band, practice head stands
Bobby S19:09 Rx back tightened up on run
Kaitlin18:06 Rx butterfly pu! :)
Joe P16:26 Rx all hand stands free standing
Briana18:20 Rx
Sharon34:45  gr/rd bands, headstand Rain+slow+headstand holds=not my fav WOD ever!
Brittany19:55  pull ups green red band 800m row
Brittain18:00  1000m rowX3
Marlene21:10  Row 1000, green band & head stand
CrossFit Cherokee Apr 18,2014

Jyl 1:00pm
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