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Thursday, October 23, 2014 Tomorrow: The Stable - WOD 1
Happy Birthday Kaci
Clean & Jerk 5 x 5


Chosen as WOD: Fri,Jan 10,2014
1st120 RxBriana Fri,Jan 10,2014
2nd110# RxJulie S Fri,Jan 10,2014
3rd95 RxAngie F Fri,Jan 10,2014
Laura P Fri,Jan 10,2014
1st225 RxDan E Fri,Jan 10,2014
2nd215 RxJamie S Fri,Jan 10,2014
John R Fri,Jan 10,2014
3rd205 RxNate M Fri,Jan 10,2014
Ryan M Fri,Jan 10,2014

Nate S135 Rx

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Anniversary Katie B & Briana
Row and C2B AMRAP

AMRAP 20:  
  500m Row
  10 C2B Pull-Ups  Rx2(Pull-Ups)

Goal is to complete 3k+ within the 20 mins.  Score is total number of C2B or Pull-Ups PLUS total meters rowed

1st2770 RxMariah Wed,Oct 22,2014
2nd2720 RxJulie S Wed,Oct 22,2014
3rd2550 RxAngie F Wed,Oct 22,2014
1st3770 RxNathan J Wed,Oct 22,2014
2nd3633 RxJohn R Wed,Oct 22,2014
3rd3492 RxCraig H Wed,Oct 22,2014

Wendy2540  2500m row + 40 banded pu's
Angie F2550 Rx 50 c2b at 19 minutes
Kristi B2590  banded pull ups
Pat2197  banded pull ups
Jonell2186  banded pull ups
Susan J2700  ring rows
Beth L2548  bar pull-ups
Jim L3140  banded pull ups
Tony3312  banded pull ups
Jim E3273  banded pull ups
Jerry R2424  banded pull ups
Wanda2850  banded pull ups
Gary L3050  banded pull ups
Julie S2720 Rx
Ashley Lo2356 Rx2 Kipping Pull Up's
Katie B2408 Rx2 slow kipping pu's
Jamie S3040 Rx2
John R3633 Rx 7 rounds + 63m row
Shane2550 Rx
Willie3061 Rx2 pullups
Denise2657 Rx2
Courtney D2796 Rx2
Sharon2714  banded pull-ups
Kaitlin3064 Rx2
Mariah2770 Rx really focused on chest to bars
Beth T3142  knee-ups
Craig H3492 Rx 6 rounds + 492 row
Nathan J3770 Rx 7 rnds, 200 meter row
Nate S2550 Rx2
Jeffrey3077  green band pull ups
Marlene3098 Rx2 6 rounds +38 row. Knee-up