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Tuesday, September 02, 2014 Tomorrow: Partner Row & Jump
Overhead Squats 5 x 5

Overhead Squat

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Chosen as WOD: Fri,Apr 25,2014 Tue,Nov 12,2013 Wed,Nov 7,2012 Thu,Sep 20,2012 Thu,Jan 19,2012
1st125 RxAngela Du Wed,Nov 7,2012
2nd120 RxKaci Mon,Jun 23,2014
3rd110 RxAngie F Fri,Apr 25,2014
1st225 RxJeff R Thu,Sep 20,2012
2nd205 RxNate M Tue,Nov 12,2013
3rd175 RxTorre Wed,Nov 7,2012

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Monday, September 01, 2014
Scott S
Labor Day (Monday) schedule is:
  8:00 - Performance
  9:00 - Masters
10:00 - Regular

Come on out and get your workout on before the afternoon barbeque!

Team Jump Rope, Burpees, Wall Balls, and Sit-Ups

2 Person Team WOD  
  3 Rounds  
    100 Double-Unders  Rx2(300 Singles)
    50 Burpees
    50 Wall Balls  Rx(20/14)  Rx2(14/10)
    50 Sit-Ups

One person working at a time.  Must complete one set of movements before moving on to next.

0% 0%
1st25:00 RxJenn Mon,Sep 1,2014
2nd25:30 Rx2Christine L Mon,Sep 1,2014
3rd28:03 Rx2Julie S Mon,Sep 1,2014
Denise Mon,Sep 1,2014
1st23:08 RxRonnie Mon,Sep 1,2014
2nd25:00 RxNathan J Mon,Sep 1,2014
3rd30:25 RxBryan R Mon,Sep 1,2014

Ronnie23:08 Rx w Thad
Susan J25:50  masters, 1 rnd w/ partner, 2 rnds alone
Jim E26:55  3rnds masters with Wanda
Wanda26:55  masters, w Jim
Jerry R28:56  masters 3 rds with Stan
Stan28:56  masters 3 rds with Jerry R
Christine L25:30 Rx2 singles Gary as partner
Gary L25:30 Rx2 singles partner Christine
Julie S28:03 Rx2 singles w Denise
Denise28:03 Rx2 with Julie
Marissa29:21 Rx2 singles, 14# wb, with tracy and janet
Tracy29:21 Rx2 singles, 16# wb, with janet and marissa
Janet29:21 Rx2 singles, 16# wb, with tracy and marissa
Bryan R30:25 Rx
Nathan J25:00 Rx with jenn at etowah, 20 lb wb for each
Jenn25:00 Rx with Nate J; 20 lb wb
CrossFit Cherokee Sep 1,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Sep 1,2014