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Friday, August 22, 2014 Tomorrow: Team Row & Burpees
Happy Birthday Donna
Row, KB S2O, PU

3 Rounds for Time:
  500m Row
  20 Double Kettlebell Shoulder-to-Overhead  Rx(35/26)  Rx2(Single KB S2O 35/26)
  20 Goblet Squats  Rx(35/26)

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Chosen as WOD: Tue,Oct 1,2013
1st11:20 RxChristine L Today!
2nd11:45 RxAngie F Today!
3rd12:35 RxJyl Tue,Oct 1,2013
1st10:29 RxFrank Tue,Oct 1,2013
2nd12:00 RxKyle N Tue,Oct 1,2013
3rd12:04 RxDan E Tue,Oct 1,2013

Aleyda16:32  10lb kb ion ea hand plus 26 GSquat
Gary L15:10 Rx
Willie18:35 Rx
Angie F11:45 Rx Rower stopped working during 2nd round
Wendy18:41 Rx2
Christine L11:20 Rx
CrossFit Cherokee Aug 22,2014

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Thursday, August 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Josh L
Anniversary Kathy N
Linda W
The Russian swing starts just below the groin and is swung to chest or at most, eye level.  The movement is short, brisk and compact.  The American swing begins level to the knees and moves upward to full arm extension over the head.  Its motion is longer and smoother than its Russian counterpart.  The height of the arc of the American swing may be twice that of the Russian.

The subtler difference is the bend of the knees.  The Russian style looks similar to a stiff-legged deadlift.  Most of the movement is in the hips and the knees bend slightly, almost as an afterthought.  The American swing is more like a squat as the knees bend to a much greater degree.  Each method requires a different body alignment for correct performance.

Back Squat 5 x 5

5-5-5-5-5 reps building to a 5 rep max

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Chosen as WOD: Wed,Apr 9,2014 Thu,Dec 26,2013 Tue,Oct 1,2013 Tue,May 21,2013 Tue,May 7,2013 Tue,Feb 19,2013 Fri,Nov 16,2012 Thu,Aug 23,2012 Wed,May 2,2012
1st215 RxKaci Thu,Aug 21,2014
2nd200 RxAmanda A Thu,Dec 26,2013
3rd185 RxJyl Thu,Aug 21,2014
1st405 RxJamie S Thu,Aug 21,2014
2nd355 RxBryan B Wed,Apr 9,2014
3rd345 RxTorre Tue,Feb 19,2013

Christine L165 Rx
Glen G255 Rx 20#PR BOOM!
Jyl185 Rx
Ronnie325 Rx
Tom T245 Rx
Lance H245 Rx
John P205# Rx
Mandy125 Rx
Jamie S405 Rx
Kaitlin145 Rx 155 x4
Bryan R225 Rx
Kaci215 Rx 20# pr
Julie S165 Rx
Denise95# Rx
Tommy225 Rx
Marissa95 Rx
Tracy135 Rx
Jessica Go95 Rx
Willie165 Rx
Aleyda85lbs Rx
Buster285 Rx
Janet110 Rx
Angela Du145 Rx 165 x 4
Nathan J265 Rx
Kathy N105 lb Rx
Mariah135 Rx
Mike G225 Rx
Jamie C205 Rx PR- Whoooo thanks JeffH, where's your weight?
CrossFit Cherokee Aug 21,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Aug 21,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Aug 21,2014

Linda W 8:05am
Day 21 of our OVH Squat Challenge.  Perform 42 squats ...get it done! :)

Scott S 8:40am
Please visit the CF Cherokee FB page to see the latest post re our ''HomeComing'' event. We need some input on t-shirts. Thanks!