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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Tomorrow: Row, BrP, SPU, WB, BJO, Run
Happy Birthday Jyl & Chris O
Power Clean 1 Rep Max

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Chosen as WOD: Wed,Dec 18,2013 Mon,Jan 7,2013
1st165 RxAmanda A Mon,Jun 16,2014
Kaci Thu,Apr 17,2014
Linda W Mon,Jun 16,2014
2nd140 RxNicole Sat,Apr 19,2014
Morgan J Mon,Jan 7,2013
3rd135 RxAngela Du Thu,Apr 25,2013
1st300 RxBryan B Tue,Jul 8,2014
2nd275 RxGavin Thu,Apr 25,2013
Cameron S Thu,Jul 24,2014
John R Mon,Mar 31,2014
3rd270 RxBuster Wed,Dec 18,2013

CrossFit Cherokee Jul 30,2014

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Happy Birthday Kylee
Row, Thrusters, Double-Unders

For Time:
   Row 1000 Meters
  immediately followed by,
   3 Rounds of:
     15 Thrusters  Rx(95/65)  Rx2(65/45)
     30 Double-Unders  Rx2(90 Singles)

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1st14:45Melissa S Tue,Jul 29,2014
2nd15:42Julie S Tue,Jul 29,2014
3rd16:23Katie B Tue,Jul 29,2014
1st9:44 RxAaron Tue,Jul 29,2014
2nd9:52 RxAlec Tue,Jul 29,2014
3rd11:54 RxBilly Tue,Jul 29,2014

Billy11:54 Rx
Aaron9:44 Rx
Bryan R14:05 Rx
Gary L17:10  73#thrusterss; singles
Aleyda17:35  45 first rnd of thrst 35 2 rnd JR singles
Jamie S21:42 Rx
Lance W15:15  Singles
Julie S15:42  DU attempts, but most were actual DU's . 65# thrusters, 4:39.6 1000m row,
John R15:00  90-45# plate step ups instead of DU....(injured foot)
Destiny19:20  5:47.7 1000m row, singles
Cindy20:00  35lb thruster 30 double under attempts
Leslie23:54  45lb thrusters du att
Alec9:52 Rx
Melissa S14:45  45#, singles
Katie B16:23  45#, du's
Jeff Hel17:58  rx2
Terry8:20  800m row; 45lb thruster; 40 single j rope
Beth F19:27  DU's, 45#
Linda W 9:23pm
***SAVE THE DATE*** Saturday, Sept. 13th at 4:00PM for a battle of the boxes type event being held at Crossfit Cherokee. More details to follow. But in the meantime save the date and make sure you're available to join in the fun & compete ...Sat. 9/13 at 4PM!