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  Wednesday, April 23, 2014
There has been a request to do another Paleo challenge.  Starting in May we will have something to shoot for and the details hammered out.  Remember summer is around the corner.....and some of us need a little more pressure to stay on track.

Pony Express
AMRAP in 20 minutes  
200 run
21 pullups
200 run
15 pullups
200 run
9 pullups  
200 run
21 Wallballs
200 run
15 Wallballs
200 run
9 Wallballs
200 run
Repeat if time allows

The run is not included in the score. The score is the total reps of pullups and wallballs.

135 Rx Kelly Today!
 129 Rx Michelle Today!
  101 Rx Beth W Today!
156 Rx Ricky Today!
 144 Rx Darin Ge Today!

Laura K126  Banded pu
Ricky156 Rx
Michelle129 Rx
Darin Ge144 Rx
Kelly135 Rx
Natalie111  RX masters (WB 12#)
KT115  Strict assisted pull-ups, row instead of run
Beth W101 Rx
Jennifer111  Modified to TTP and 22# Back squats
Marybeth136  Banded PU, 8-10lb WB
Nick G5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Liz5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
PJA5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Renee5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Brian S5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Joe5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Craig M5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Hannah5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Nick N5:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Apr 23,2014

CarriageHouse Apr 23,2014

Jamie 4:44am
Congratulations to everybody on their PR's yesterday, that was great

Elisha 11:58am
Yes, do the Paleo challenge! Then I'll be more apt to stop eating French fries. 😏😳 haha

Torri 12:04pm
Me too! I need pressure to stay on track!! Help me lose my kangaroo pouch!

KT 12:04pm
I want in on this challenge!   Elisha, do u like sweet potatoes?   I made baked sweet potato fries last night.... Delish!

Torri 12:06pm
Love these pics! Shannon - you have come so far so quickly - look at that front rack : )! Ed looks great too - I think you have one of the best pain faces around!!

Susan 12:08pm
I agree with Torri Shan. Great pic. I love when you're in pain and wave your special finger at me!!!!

Shannon 12:41pm
Thanks Torri and Susan! I have know idea what special fingers Susan is talking about! Torri u r a great teacher, thanks for your patience😊

Ed N 12:46pm
Torri I prefer to call it focused! 😝

Kelly 1:16pm
OR maybe the Panzy face...haha

I could use a paleo challenge too. Extra 7 pds I've gained back is awful when it comes to running and pull-ups.

Elisha 1:17pm
KT, I'll have to try that! Sounds good! How'd ya make 'em?

Kelly 1:44pm
I make them too. Gregg prefers them now rather than regular fries.

KT 2:48pm
I just cut the sweet potatoes up. Tossed them with olive oil then bake at 425 for 25.   I put garlic salt on them, but u can experiment

Elisha 2:51pm
Okay, sounds yummy! I'll definitely try it. Kelly, that sounds awesome. Hopefully I like them more, too!

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  Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Comp- Front Squat 5x3
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Warm up and perform the movement with light weight first, progressively increasing the weight until it becomes challenging.  Work sets begin at approximately 80% of your previous 3 rep max. A new PR should be attempted on the 4th or 5th set.

Assistance Exercises
GHD Sit ups 12-12-12
Pistol Squats 10-10-10

155 Rx Hannah Tue,Apr 22,2014
 Eryka Tue,Apr 22,2014
 145 Rx Torri Tue,Apr 22,2014
  138 Rx Beth W Tue,Apr 22,2014
275 Rx Nick G Tue,Apr 22,2014
 255 Rx Ricky Tue,Apr 22,2014
 Joe Tue,Apr 22,2014
  245x3 Rx Steve Tue,Apr 22,2014

Katie L130 Rx New PR by 35lbs
Laura K115 Rx
Katie G62# Rx Working on form
Stacy115 Rx
Kelly130 Rx Ran out of time (only 4R)
Beth W138 Rx x3 PR
Michelle115# Rx PR
Ricky255 Rx
Beth K95# Rx
KT135 Rx New pr 15# up from last pr!
Chris Pe67# Rx
Marybeth83# RX Rx
Ed N205 Rx New PR
Elisha105# Rx Ran out of rounds
Nick N135# Rx New PR
Steve245x3 Rx PR
Alaina115 Rx
Hannah155 Rx
Casie85# Rx
Meredith135# Rx 140# X2, twice. Couldn't get that third rep yet
Craig M225 Rx
Tod195 Rx
Torri145 Rx New PR!
Kerris108 rx Rx PR
Eryka155 RX Rx
Nick G275 Rx
Joe255 Rx 275x2
Natalie103 Rx thanks for lifting with me KO
CarriageHouse Apr 22,2014

KT 6:20am
How many du's can I substitute for the 400m run??

Natalie 6:36am
KT how about jump for 2 minutes?

KT 6:37am
Ok,  thanks!

Kelly 7:21am
Nice work Katie L! Enjoyed cheering Laura and you on this morning!

Peggy 7:33am
Awesome lifting Katie L!!!

Torri 7:42am
Great job morning group! Your PR is awesome Katie L!!

Katie L 7:46am
Thanks Peggy & Torri! And thank you, Kelly for pushing me this morning! I've missed you at 5am!

Stacy 7:55am
Awesome job this morning Katie L!!! Fun lifting with you Beth K!!! Enjoy this  beautiful day everyone!!

Stacy 7:57am
Glad to have you back at 5 am, Kelly!! You too Ricky! Fun morning with everyone!

Stacy 8:14am
Looking good hanging around the gym, Torri!!

Elisha 8:14am
Wow, nice job morning crew! Katie L, congrats on your PR! That's awesome!

Beth W 8:22am
Nice increase Katie!

Beth K 8:53am
Awesome job Katie! Way to go! Stacy you are just amazing! Kelly you're still the heavy hitter! Nice work this morning everyone! Beth W you're the beast from God's country!

Torri 11:29am
Nice job on all of the PR's today! Special s/o to KT for doing so on your own - great job girl!!

Meredith 1:13pm
Congratulations on the PR's people!! So happy to see ladies upping those weights 💪🏆😀

KT 4:10pm
Thanks Torri!   I post to make sure y'all hold me accountable.   Front squats felt good!

Stacy 5:16pm
Awesome job KT!!!

KT 5:26pm
Thanks Stacy!  Looks like everyone has had some great accomplishments lately!!

KT 7:27pm
Holy front squat Hannah!   Great job.  And Elisha, I need you to workout before me so I know what I need to go for, good job girl!

Casie 7:29pm
Torri, Hannah and Stephen... Thank you so much for all of the guidance and encouragement tonight! Meredith and Alaina... What a great ladies night! Nice job ladies!!

Jolene 7:40pm
Dang folks, I leave for a couple days and look at all those PR's. Great work everyone! You all hold down the box while I hold down the beach!

Elisha 8:08pm
Thanks, KT! I'll go before you next time. 😉 haha. Great job to everyone who PR'd tonight! So awesome! Hannah, you're so buff!

KT 8:15pm
Woohoo Torri!!   I want to be like you when I grow up!

Torri 8:18pm
Great job tonight everyone! Hannah - it was so cool to watch you blow past 145 and kill 155#!! Congrats to you and all of the evening PR's - CH kicked front squats arse today!!

Torri 8:22pm
Also loved watching the two Nicks tonight - Nick N rolling in the tire and Nick G bouncing through three WODS before finally calling it a night!!

Torri 8:24pm
Thanks KT - We need to see that beautiful face of yours soon  - I miss you!!

KT 8:26pm
Thanks, I miss YOU Torri.   I'll be in town the wknd of May 3rd....  Expect to see me at the box!

Hannah 9:41pm
Thanks KT! It was a fun class tonight! Torri, thanks for pushing through the wod tonight, those hang cleans were tough!