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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
For those of you that noticed the leader board was missing you are not to worry.  If you are interested in who is on top just click on the WOD title.  It will post the top 10 female/male, and top 25 gym tolal

Cindy 4 x 3

4 minute AMRAP 'Cindy'  
5 Kipping Pull Ups  ( NO butterfly)  
10 Push Ups    
15 Air Squats  
Rest 2 minutes and repeat 4 minute AMRAP and try to match numbers.  

Rest 2 minutes and repeat 4 minute AMRAP a 3rd time and try to match numbers  

Post total reps and your thoughts to comments

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
The money for the sweats is due November 1st.  I will have an envelope by the order form for checks or cash.   The color is a heather grey not white.

Muscle Driver

7 rounds
3 burpee muscle ups
12 KBS

Peggy13:??  6 rounds; 30# kb; banded pulls 3-3
Joe16:20  Bar MU attempts/70# - 1st Bar MU on round 6
Amber12:42  banded pull-ups;35#kb
Kaila10:48  35#, jumping pull-up
Stacy10:??  box over burpees for pu...sore hands
JTW15:54  Jumping bar muscle ups
Jenna10:18  35#KB, Jumping pull-ups
Breanne10:03  35# KB. Jumping p/u
Marybeth9:50  Kipping PU
Leevia9:05  Burpee pull-ups
Elisha8:20  Burpee box overs
Casie12:24  Burpee/handstand push ups (saving hands)
Hannah13:02  44# kb, C2B until round 5, then burpee box overs so my hand didn't rip more
Ricky14:06 Rx
Jamie12:23 Rx
Meredith13:50  Burpee banded pull-ups
CarriageHouse Oct 21,2014

CarriageHouse Oct 21,2014

Jolene 7:52am
Woohoo - way to go Joe!!!

Ed N 7:53am
Congrats Joe!

Stacy 8:08am
Awesome job this morning Joe!!!

Torri 8:28am
Way to go Joe!! Congratulations!!

Nick G 8:32am
Congrats Joe!

Kerris 8:34am
Nice job Joe!
Shout out to JTW and Tod for pushing me through yesterday! Way to go Steph with that rx! Everybody did so good!

Cary 8:38am
Congrats, Joe!

Hannah 9:13am
YAYAY Joe! That's awesome!

Casie 10:04am
So proud of you, Joe!

Zack 11:52am
Atta Boy Joe!

Meredith 1:06pm
I can't believe I missed that Big Joe!  Congratulations and keep up the good work. 💪😀

Curt 2:40pm
Nice work joe!!

Michelle 4:54pm
Way to go Big Joe!!!

Beth K 6:40pm
Way to go Joe! Nice job!

Elisha 6:52pm
Woohoo!! Nice job, Joe!

Steve K 6:56pm
Congrats joe.

Pete 7:22pm
There is a lot of magic that goes on @ 5AM.  I got to see it.  Kudos to Joe

Torri 7:34pm
Great class tonight Jo - really enjoyed seeing you in action at Fitness World! Stacy - thanks for introducing me to spinning!!

Ricky 8:05pm
Nice job joe!

Curt 8:29pm
Jaime nice work. You were holding back til the leaderboard went away huh?

Heather E 10:48pm
I'll have to take your word for it Pete, since I will never see the 5AM class! Haha. Congrats to Joe! And also congrats to Hana on your 5 pullups today at noon :-D Actually much more than 5 if you include the WOD!