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Friday, October 31, 2014
Happy Birthday Beth K

With a Running Clock:
3 Power Snatch (135/95)
20 DU

Rest 3 minutes

4 Power Snatch (115/80)
20 DU

Rest 4 minutes

5 Power Snatch (95/65)
20 DU

Load your bar so you can deload accordingly
Guys 15-20.  Girls 10-15

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Nick G
This Saturday we will be having an amazing WOD! I want to encourage everyone to come. In this WOD we will have to work with sharing the weights because I am not sure how it will all stack up. I am sharing this with you, so you can figure out who you want to go with Saturday and maybe eliminate some of the weight issues. Here are some of the guidelines for Saturday's WOD!

- Partners must use the same weight!
- Partners must use the same Bar!
- Partners must use the same Pull up Bar Station
- Partners must use the same Goblet (Kettle Bell - I just like saying Goblet!)

Burpee Sprints

OTMEM for 25 minutes AMRAP  

1 burpee 20 meter sprint
2 burpees, 20 meter sprint
3 burbees, 20 meter sprint

Continue for 20 minutes

If @ any point you do not complete the required work,
sit out 1 minute and then reengage where you left off

Score highest # of burpees completed plus sprint

Ricky16 Rx
Joe16 Rx
Amber13 Rx
Beth K18  hands over head burpess-ab mat sit ups not run
Jenna12. 1 step from 13. Rx
Kaila13 Rx
Steve K16 Rx
Beth W13 Rx
Casie15 Rx 17 total. Rested after 15.
Hannah13 Rx
Nick G18 Rx
Kim N10  After 10 needed rest time- got up r
Ron15 Rx
Marybeth15 Rx
Jessica P14 Rx
CarriageHouse Oct 30,2014

Natalie 5:52am
Well done Meredith!  Good things seem to happen here at our gym late at night.
Elisha cranked out a bar muscle up!

Casie 6:40am
That's amazing, Lish!!! I'm sorry I missed it!

Curt 7:25am
Halloween tomorrow morning, I'm running classes. Costumes are encouraged! :)

Beth W 7:25am
Impressive last night!  Way to go Meredith.  I knew you could Elisha!

Elisha 7:28am
Thanks so much, Casie!! 😊💜 Thank you, Beth W!! 😊

Jolene 8:07am
Love this picture!  Congratulations Mer and guys are awesome!

Elisha 8:30am
Thanks, Jo!! 😊😊

Beth K 8:54am
Sweet Mer and Elisha! Way to go ladies that is awesome work!

Beth K 8:58am
Awesome job with your lift this morning Kaila! Glad my alarm didn't go off and I got to see your new PR!

Torri 9:33am
Great picture!! Congrats to Mere and Elisha - you have both worked so hard for those victories!! Wish I would have been there to see it!!

Elisha 9:59am
Thanks so much, Beth K and TT!! 😊😊

Stacy 1:22pm
Awesome pics!! Way to go Elisha and Mere-two AMAZING ladies for sure!! Congrats!!

Elisha 4:11pm
Thank you, Stacy!! 😊

Kim N 5:35pm
Good for you, Lish! I knew you would get it!

Kim N 5:36pm
Way to go, Meredith!

Casie 6:55pm
Thanks for helping me count, Lish!

Meredith 7:09pm
Thank you for all of the encouragement everyone!  I love that we are celebrating so many successes this week.

Elisha 7:18pm
Thanks, mama!! Hahaha, no problem, Casie! Wish I was as low to the ground as you are! You killed it!

Kim N 9:36pm
Candie, you did awesome tonight on the bench press! 90#! That was awesome...Im pretty sure you will do triple digits soon!!!!