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Friday, December 19, 2014
Anniversary Collin
Welcome Paitra
GWOD (Get Equipped)

Check In
3 rounds for skill  36 minutes
With a running clock spend 3 minutes at each station perfecting a skill

Double unders

Rope climb (knots, no knots, no legs, L sit)

Balance beam (pistols, squats, tree holds, leg swings  lunges, etc.)

Hand stand push up progression (tripod to a plank, tripod to a wall up, etc

Chosen as WOD: Fri,Aug 1,2014 Tue,Jun 24,2014

Nick GYes 
Beth KYes 
Steve KYes 
PeggyYes  2 du's in a row!
Chris Po7:00am...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Dec 19,2014

CarriageHouse Dec 19,2014

Elisha 6:13am
Guys, the new rig looks awesome! Thank you!

Beth K 7:05am
Nice work this morning Amber! You got your Beast mode on!! and from now on...

Beth K 7:07am
Glad to have you in our gym Paitra!

Beth K 7:11am
Nice job yesterday Katie C! Those God's country ladies are awesome! Elisha & Hannah you smoked that Wod too ladies-Nice job!

Peggy 7:42am
Rule #7 for balancing family/work/holiday.  If your old traditions aren't working for you anymore....get some new ones.  Change is good people!

Amber 8:37am
Thank you, Beth K!!! You always know just what I need. Thanks for always pushing me to the next level. Thanks for lifting with me today!

Elisha 8:41am
Thanks so much, Beth K! 😊

Torri 9:06am
Great pic Mere! I missed Steve's photo op, but here is one of Nick G making the most of G Day (in between chatting). Who knew that a bunch of boys could chat it up more than the ladies . . . .

Nick G 9:09am
The G in GWOD stands for gossip... It is hold new kind of cardio!

Torri 9:09am
Great job this morning on the lifts! Everyone worked so hard! Amber - I cannot wait to see where you are in 6 mos - the power of those legs is going to be fun to watch! Also great job to Kaila on 100# C & J - triple digits over head - awesome job!

Torri 9:10am
I think it's the G in Nick G . . . .

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Thursday, December 18, 2014
When you all get a chance, would you please check your information page and update anything that may need outdated. I want to make sure you  get our emails.
Don't forget to bring in a donation for the Halls family this week.

How do we balance gym time, work time, family time, and holiday time?  I looked for something brilliant and wise to post.  It's all the usual stuff.  You all are brilliant and full of wisdom, so get sharing and lets post ideas on holiday survival.  Share some stories.  I'll post the first one:
1.  Plan on your plans not working and be okay with this, cause its going to happen.  This would be a good time to have a laugh. Laughing is good for your abs.

Live with It

1 round for time

25 Bar facing over the bar burpees
25 Power Cleans  135/95
25 Bar facing over the bar burpees

EMOTM 7 Wallballs

1st7:59 RxElisha Thu,Dec 18,2014
2nd11:00 RxHannah Thu,Dec 18,2014
Katie C Thu,Dec 18,2014
3rd8:48Allison Thu,Dec 18,2014
1st6:00 RxRicky Thu,Dec 18,2014
2nd7:51 RxJoe Thu,Dec 18,2014
3rd7:59 RxCraig M Thu,Dec 18,2014

Joe7:51 Rx
MeredithDNF  Stopped at 15 PC. Lumbar spine tapped out.
Maggie P12:54  Deadlift #95
Amber13:51  85#
Beth K9:59  85#
JTW14:59 Rx First HSPU for dessert!!
Steve K6:50  RX
Liz13:39  85#, struggled with this one:(
Paitra14:58  2nd WOD for me
Hannah11:00 Rx
Katie C11:00 Rx
Elisha7:59 Rx
Allison8:48  45# hang clean
Nick G5:34  RX
Ricky6:00 Rx
Craig M7:59 Rx
CarriageHouse Dec 18,2014

Natalie 6:33am
Big thanks to the gym trolls and Mike for organizing, making,hauling back and forth and assembling our new addition to the rig.  Pete helped fit the mats and Curt's friend, Justin (who is not in the picture) helped with assembling.  Its awesome! We need to get some chalk on those bars today.

Torri 6:43am
Looks great guys! Thank you so much!

Jolene 7:51am
Rig looks great you guys!  Thanks!

Beth W 8:27am
AMAZING!  An early Christmas present!  If this doesn't keep us coming back, I don't know what will :)!!!  THANKS SO MUCH!

Kaila 8:53am
Thank you!  It looks great.

Tod 8:57am
Rig looks great guys!

Allison 9:06am
Thanks guys, it looks great! Even more incentive to get my pull ups.

Maggie P 9:40am
Good job guys! Thanks!

Jolene 10:55am
2.  Put 'workout' on your calendar/planner first thing of the day during the holiday break to make sure it gets completed!

Hannah 11:01am
If your traveling grab the traveling wod list, or better yet do a little research and go visit a box! We travel a lot during the holidays and we are really looking forward to visiting some new boxes and going back to some of our favorites.

Hannah 11:01am
Also, thank you so much for all the hard work on the new rig!

Ed N 12:24pm
Congrats JTW!

Beth K 12:26pm
Awesome job Jeff !

Beth W 12:30pm
4. Put both your mind and body into what you are doing on at the moment.  When with family, don't think about work.  When at the gym, don't think about grocery shopping.

Curt 12:31pm
👆when your grocery shopping you should probably be thinking about the gym though ;)

Natalie 1:52pm
5.  Play with your cat till its winded.  Its fun to watch them jump and dive.  Look at their faces and you'll see a happy pet.  Even our pets need to get their heart rates up.  If you can't make it to the gym throw down some burpees, squats, push ups, run the stairs, what ever gets your heart rate up.  Don't quit till you have a smile on your face!

Liz 1:58pm
The new rig looks great! Thanks for he support through that workout today, Nat!

Jolene 2:00pm
Great job JTW!

Steve K 2:43pm
Nice job JTW

Beth W 3:45pm
lol, Curt!

Hannah 4:50pm
There are eggs in the fridge, please help yourself! They are free

Stacy 5:07pm
Awesome job on the rig!! Thanks gym trolls!! Welcome Paitra!!!

Torri 5:26pm
6. Invest in a jump rope and take it with you when you travel.

Torri 5:50pm
Welcome Paitra! Can't wait to WOD with you! Great job today!

Pete 6:22pm
Torri, Hannah, my favorite so far

Breanne 6:28pm
Welcome Paitra!!! Can't wait to wod with you! Let me know if Kyler & Kiersten wanna do CF pre-teens because Kyleigh would love that.

Hannah 7:05pm
Katie C and Elisha you ladies crushed tonight. It was fun to wod next to you! Lish, thanks for reminding me to breath lol

Elisha 7:22pm
Paitra!! I'm so happy you've joined! Welcome to the box! Hannah, you did awesome. Especially during that front squat. Hahaha you're welcome... Didn't want your eyes to pop out! 😜😘

Curt 8:06pm
Sorry everyone that I missed my training night. I was home with kynlee who has been puking all day so it was probably for the best. I'll make it up and try to pull a double next week.

Katie C 8:48pm
Hannah and Elisha, thanks for pushing me to Rx this WOD. Great job tonight!

Elisha 8:50pm
Katie- you did awesome!

Paitra 10:05pm
Great job today Maggie! Thank you all for the encouragement and support. It feels amazing to be part of the TEAM. Breanne,  Kiersten and Ky will be going to the 3:30 class tomorrow.