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Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Happy Birthday Kim T & Rob
squat buster

500 row
50 sq
400 row
40 sq
300 row
30 sq
200 row
20 sq
100 row
10 sq


Chosen as WOD: Fri,Aug 31,2012 Tue,Feb 7,2012 Thu,Nov 3,2011 Thu,Jun 16,2011
1st9:45 RxBeth K Today!
2nd11:22 RxBeth W Today!
3rd11:23 RxStacy Today!
1st9:59 RxPete Fri,Aug 31,2012
2nd10:28 RxDale Fri,Nov 4,2011
3rd10:58 RxJTW Fri,Aug 31,2012

Stacy11:23 Rx
Beth K9:45 Rx
Dale11:08 Rx
Beth W11:22 Rx
Mona16:49 Rx
Hannah7:00am...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Oct 1,2014

CarriageHouse Oct 1,2014

CarriageHouse Oct 1,2014

Stacy 6:14am
Happy Birthday Kim T and Rob!!

Casie 6:28am
Happy birthday Kim and Rob!

Elisha 6:41am
Happy birthday, Kim T and Rob! :)

Beth K 6:48am
Happy Birthday Kim T & Rob!

Kerris 7:09am
Happy Birthday Kim T and Rob!!  Thanks for the support yesterday Jo, I needed it!!  Great to be back!!

Beth W 7:42am
Hard fun morning row squat with Mona!  Glad you were there.  Thanks, Steve, for kindly setting our rowers back to zero each set :0 :).

Mona 7:49am
Thanks Beth W for all the encouragement and doing the extra row and squats to help me finish.  Thanks Steve for keeping us rowing!

Beth W 7:52am
If anyone took pictures of our masters team working this weekend can you please email or text me some pics?  Thanks!

Beth W 8:35am
Happy Birthday, Kim!
Happy Birthday, Rob!
Congrats on the RX Mona!

Torri 8:51am
Happy Birthday to Kim and Rob! Hope you both have a fantastic day!!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Happy Birthday Brady
Don't Stall

20 Pullups
400 meter Row
30 KBS
400 Meter row
30 KBS
400 meter row
20 Pullups

Rx2 Run

1st9:37 RxJolene Tue,Sep 30,2014
2nd9:51 RxElisha Tue,Sep 30,2014
3rd10:39 RxCasie Tue,Sep 30,2014
1st9:14 RxCurt Tue,Sep 30,2014
2nd9:20 RxNick G Tue,Sep 30,2014
3rd9:51 RxCraig M Tue,Sep 30,2014

Peggy14:48  banded pullups 30# kb (row)
Meredith15:44  Banded pull-ups
Michelle12:48 Rx2 44#kb
JTW13:16 Rx
Jessica P14:46?  Banded pull-ups
Curt9:14 Rx
Beth K10:48 Rx 44#kb
Kaila16:48?  banded pull up 25#kb row
Amber13:51  Banded pull ups; ran; 35#kb
Jenna11:54  Banded pullups. 35#KB
Torri12:17 Rx Row was a little slow - legs still recovering, but finally strung 10 pull-ups together!!
Leevia12:11 Rx
Ricky10:15 Rx 70kb
Elisha9:51 Rx
PJA18:28 Rx
Jolene9:37 Rx
Beth W14:32 Rx
Craig M9:51 Rx
Casie10:39 Rx
Stacy14:49 Rx2
Robyn11:10  Jumping pull ups, 25# kb
Joe10:41 Rx 2 pood
Hannah12:10 Rx
Jamie10:24 Rx
Marybeth12:52 Rx
Kim N18:53 Rx Got 10 pull ups in a row-PR
Breanne11:19  Banded pull ups
Nick G9:20 Rx 70# kb
Kerris16:50 Rx it's been awhile
David Ha16:57  44# KB
CarriageHouse Sep 30,2014

CarriageHouse Sep 30,2014

CarriageHouse Sep 30,2014

Natalie 9:31am
Our old masters guy made it over and then under.  Nice job Pete!

Beth K 9:40am
I knew you could do it Pete! Those youngins don't have anything on you! awesome job!

Torri 10:05am
Awesome pics! Watching our WOD Master go after it gave me goosebumps all weekend!!

Beth W 11:44am
No kidding, thanks again, Pete - you were awesome!  Love that picture of Nick too!

Beth W 11:45am
Happy birthday, Brady!

Beth W 2:32pm
Way to go on the pull-up string Torri!

KT 5:09pm
Is it crazy that I really want to power clean?

Way to go TT!

Leevia 5:49pm
The funniest thing at the 4:15 class today was when little Becca was getting upset because she wanted to go to McDonalds, and grandma Beth told her 'Becca, that is not how crossfiters act when they don't get McDonalds.' And then Becca smiled and got happy.

Leevia 5:50pm
And way to go with finishing the WOD Kerris!

Jolene 6:37pm
welcome back did a great job! Determination is all it takes sometimes.

Beth W 6:50pm
funny, Leevia!  Nice to be back to regular wods.  So proud of how you went after that RX Kerris!  Did you even know you RX'd 40 pullups?? :)

Stacy 7:36pm
Nice work Torri!! That is awesome!

Casie 7:56pm
Nice job, Torri! Happy birthday, Brady! Hope you had a great day

Robyn 7:58pm
Great job, 6:15 class! What I love most about CHCF is the encouragement that everyone gives to their fellow athletes. It's impressive!

Leevia 8:05pm
Happy birthday Brady!

Elisha 9:06pm
Woohoo! Rock on, T! Pull-ups ain't got nothin on you! Happy birthday, Brady!

Kim N 9:22pm
Happy Brithday, Brady! Torri, that is awesome!

Torri 9:28pm
Thanks guys - baby steps!! I want pull ups like Jo, E, Casey & Beth K when I grow up! Awesome job to everyone tonight - the board looks fantastic!!