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Thursday, September 18, 2014
Team Tosh Run

Team Tosh
In Teams of 2
3 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
400 Meter Run
600 Meter Run

*One athlete works at a time. Rest the time it takes partner to complete each interval.

Daybreak CF

1st15:30 RxLeevia Today!
2nd19:22 RxJenna Today!
3rd20:13 RxAmber Today!
1st14:43 RxCurt Today!
Steve K Today!
2nd16:16 RxJamie Today!
Rob Today!

Amber20:13 Rx W/ Beth B!!!
Jamie16:16 Rx with Rob, 5 Burpees on the minute
Rob16:16 Rx Jamie ran the bigger set.
Curt14:43 Rx W/ SuperSteve
Steve K14:43 Rx W/ Curt
Jenna19:22 Rx With Torri and Lucas. Lucas ran the bigger set.
Leevia15:30 Rx With Nick K and Marybeth
Kim N6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
PJA6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Susan6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Candie6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Jen P6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Hana6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
David Ha6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Ed N6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Sep 18,2014

CarriageHouse Sep 18,2014

Natalie 5:44am
Elisha, you were not the only wobbly person yesterday.  I staggered all over the box on the last round of step ups.  Weird...

Jenna 1:59pm
Thanks for the help on the pull-ups today, Beth K.  Great job to the nooners today!  Torri and Lucas kept me going with my running.  They did awesome!

Robyn 3:00pm
Great job noon crew! Thanks KT and Beth for pushing me through the WOD. It's tough after you haven't been for a while!

KT 3:18pm
Glad to partner up with you Robyn, great job!

Elisha 3:44pm
Nat, good to know I wasn't alone! :)

Beth K 3:53pm
Way to breathe fire noon group!

Beth W 5:54pm
Thank you Nick & Leevia for running me in on those last 2 laps.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Weather permitting we will do it in the parking lot and not the road

Why Don't We do It the Road

3 Rounds for time

500 Row
12 BW Deadlift
21 Box jumps  24/20

Rx2  Run instead of row
You still have to do BWDL and the box hieght to put Rx2

1st11:00 RxBeth K Wed,Sep 17,2014
2nd11:32 RxElisha Wed,Sep 17,2014
3rd11:35 RxStacy Wed,Sep 17,2014
1st11:17 RxNick G Wed,Sep 17,2014
2nd11:26 RxJoe Wed,Sep 17,2014
3rd12:54 RxPete Wed,Sep 17,2014

Peggy13:42  row; 115# 20/10 step ups
Amber12:40  125#, step ups
Beth K11:00 Rx
Kaila13:42  DL 115#
Michelle12:47 Rx
Curt11:15 Rx2 Run, 185
Steve K10:52 Rx2 run, 185dl
Mona13:09  Row 55# 10' box step ups
Jenna15:25  Run, 75# DL. Recovering from being sick.
Breanne12:56  105#DL
JTW15.41  18 53#kb instead of DL 30'box jumps
Marybeth14:35 Rx
Elisha11:32 Rx Beat Pete without my inhaler 👍
Beth W12:40 Rx
Casie14:15 Rx Jumps, 135#
Pete12:54 Rx Yes she did
Liz13:33  125# DL?, step ups
Jamie14:40 Rx2
Leevia14:21 Rx
Nick G11:17 Rx #195
Joe11:26 Rx
Natalie15:42 Rx row, it was a wobbly one
Stacy11:35 Rx
CarriageHouse Sep 17,2014

CarriageHouse Sep 17,2014

Joe 11:03am
D-Town WOD #3 is posted.
'Clean Ladder'

Jolene 4:02pm
Is everybody meditating today?  Shhhhhh

Jolene 6:43pm
Way to go E!

Elisha 6:55pm
Thanks, Jo!! That was tough. I was wobblin by round 2 haha.

Liz 7:37pm
Ed pushed me through that one ! Thanks Ed and Kim:)

Beth W 7:45pm
Hey Jolena! We're just trying to keep the noise down so you can rest up :).

Casie 7:48pm
Jen, it was so great to watch you WOD tonight... You did great! Thank you for all the support! Nat, thank you very much for your help on DL!

Hannah 9:49pm
Thanks for the great class tonight Stephen!