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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Anniversary Dalton S
Team Wod (row/wallball/KB/Pullups/Deadlift

In groups of three, partner 'A' will complete a 500 meter row while partners 'B and C' begin completing another task.  When the 500 meter row is completed, then partner 'A' can assist the other 2 partners.  Only 1 partner at a time may work on the task opposite the row.  When the first task is completed then 'B' will row 500 meters while 'A and C' begin the second task.  When 500 is complete then 'B' will help the other 2 partners.  
When the second task is complete Then 'C' will row and  
and A and B will beging the nexts task.
For the last round any partner may row but the same pattern continues.

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Friday, November 21, 2014
Athletes make sure you only post your set of 12 numbers for Dead Lift.  Please fix these numbers unless they are correct.  A PR is not as prescribed for the Barbell of the Day movement.

Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving meal for our gym breakfast style as you all know how we love our bacon.  One big team wod at 7am, followed by breakfast.  Some of you might want to eat and run to Chatham to support our competitors.

Starting with the Gobbler we will start a row challenge that goes through the Saturday before Christmas.  This will ultimately be a way to raise money for some charitable cause here in Jacksonville.  Thanks BethW

Its a Free For All

1000 meter row

100 burbee box jumps

12:00 minute time cap

score is actual time  or 12:00 + remaining reps of BBJ

Stagger start as needed

Stacy12:38  Love you burpees
Michelle9:22  no burpees , steps and jumps
Torri12:25  More burpees please!
Beth W12:50 
JTW12:49  Jumps
Kaila12:31  .
Zack11:50 Rx Burpee box overs?
Natalie12:41  step ups
Maggie P12:45  Box burped/10' box jumps
Peggy12:59  10' box
Jenna12:46  Step ups
Joe12:40  30' box
Steve K12:31 Rx 30' box
Dale12:30  Step ups
Katie C12:30  Step ups
Craig M12:20  Step Ups
CarriageHouse Nov 21,2014

CarriageHouse Nov 21,2014

CarriageHouse Nov 21,2014

Stacy 7:15am
Awesome job everyone pushing through those box burpees!!! Shout out to my lifting partner-Amber on that DL!!! Proud of you!!! Michelle and Meredith- you two are amazing!! Loved watching the bar bend💪 Torri fun morning as always with you as our head lead!! Have a great day everyone!!

Meredith 7:43am
All I can say is way to go 5AM!  So proud of the folks that finished out those burpees. Thank you to everyone's encouragement this morning.  PR's are a great way to start the weekend!!

Torri 8:13am
5 am threw down the guantlet! Look at those faces! Great job to the morning wodders today! Working with you was the perfect start to Friday - three fun and hardworking groups!

Torri 8:16am
SO to Zack for completing the WOD and to Meredith, Stacy and Amber on those killer DL! Mere's 290# was incredible! And extra points to Dale and JtW for finishing their burpee box jumps for dessert - very impressive!

Beth W 8:32am
Love the pics!  Maggie, your tough man face made me laugh.

Natalie 9:30am
T, best pictures in a long time!

Maggie P 9:50am
Fun morning!! Love starting my Fridays with everyone!! Meredith-- boom girl! Nice job!!  
Beth- not sure if that's really a tough face but at least I gave you a laugh! Happy Friday everyone!!

Peggy 10:05am
Nothing better than the sound of a PR in the morning.  Way to go girls!!!

Meredith 10:43am
Hey friends. It's true. Today is not one rep max day on the schedule. If you're anything like me, it may have been quite some time since you have assessed your max.  Don't ever be afraid to talk to your trainer about giving it a shot!  It's a great way to check your progress in the box and an awesome way start your weekend.

Casie 12:06pm
Awesome start to the weekend, Mer! Happy PR!

Bob 12:34pm
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.

Jolene 2:37pm
Love these pics!

Beth W 3:07pm
Amen, Meredith!  Sometimes you just know when you are ready to GO FOR IT :)!

Curt 6:23pm
Meredith, Stacy, and Michelle - awesome work with those pr's. Zack, finishing this bad boy under 12:00 is amazing, good work. Hope to see everyone tomorrow in Chatham. Sorry I can't make the thanksgiving day meal with you all.

Nick G 6:45pm
I think the program is working! Nice PRs Meredith, Stacey, and Michelle!

Curt 7:02pm
Bianca and mike, great seeing you two back in the gym. Bianca watching you finish out the wod with heather is what it's all about. So happy you are back with us.

Tod 7:06pm
Great job Meredith, Michelle and Stacy on the PRs! Not only do you work hard but you bring a lot of positive energy to the gym! You deserve it!

Casie 8:08pm
Welcome back Bianca and Mike!

Beth K 9:50pm
Awesome job Stacy Michelle and Mer! Mer that is crazy insane! Nice job guys!