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Thursday, February 26, 2015
Athletes competing  in the open should spend this Gday working on mobility and goats

Beth W
Open Gym Sunday March 1, 12:00-2:00.

GWOD (Goulash)

Check In
Attempt each sequence on the minute  for 25 minutes
5 rounds
10 V  straddle sit ups
5 Dips  (ring or bar)
1 burpee pullover
6 hanging hip touches
1 rope climb

Chosen as WOD: Wed,Aug 27,2014

Beth KYes  mobility
Ed NYes 
CarriageHouse Feb 26,2015

CarriageHouse Feb 26,2015

Beth K 4:04am
The Open is here! We believe in you athletes! Matt 17:20 - 'if you have even the smallest faith-you can move mountains'!

Beth K 6:26am
15.1 Live @firehouse tonight 7pm!

Curt 8:11am
We will need judges at 12 tomorrow. Pretty please.

Torri 8:33am
Tod & I will both be there to judge Friday noon.

Curt 8:39am
Great thank you!

Jolene 10:39am
For Friday evening classes, could you let me know who is going to be judged so that I have an idea of what's going on?  I know Steve is getting judged, but I'm not sure of the others.  Please let me know when you get time.  Thanks!

Nick G 11:52am
I am getting judged!

Hannah 12:25pm
Jo, I will be there at 4:45 to help judge anyone that needs it. Craig will be judging me at 5:45. Thanks!

Zack 1:15pm
Could I have someone at 5:45 judge me please?

Jolene 1:15pm
Thanks guys!

Nick G 3:04pm
I can at 5:45 Zack

Beth W 4:02pm
This is awesome! What a great CF family we have!!

Marybeth 9:51pm
Thank you Beth W for helping me get the RX rope climb tonight! 🔔🔔  those monents when you least expect it!😊😊

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Welcome Chris G
With a running clock do WOD # 1, rest 2 minutes.  When the clock hits 10 minutes start the 2nd WOD.   Record each w/o seperately  on the web site


This is where you can see what Sugar Grove Farm has in stock right now.  They are a little low in things this time of year.   This explains how to place your order.

Rowing Balls

15 Cal Row
15 Wall Balls, 20/14

1st4 + 8 RxKatie C Wed,Feb 25,2015
2nd4 + 6 RxAllison Wed,Feb 25,2015
3rd4+4 RxStacy Wed,Feb 25,2015
1st5+18 RxJoe D Wed,Feb 25,2015
2nd5+5 RxCraig M Wed,Feb 25,2015
3rd5+0 RxJamie Wed,Feb 25,2015

JTW4+2 Rx
Stacy4+4 Rx
Beth K4+5  rx
Kaila3+13 Rx
Jenna3+17  10 WB
Jolene4+4  rx
Torri4+2  RX
Steve K4+25  rx
Allison4 + 6 Rx
Casie3+7  Probably not low enough on wb. That wod kicked my bum
Joe D5+18 Rx
Katie C4 + 8 Rx
Ed N4+20 Rx
Liz3+20 Rx
Jamie5+0 Rx
Jessica P3+12 Rx
Beth B3+11  12# wb
Leevia3 + 20  12 wb
Craig M5+5 Rx
Kim N3+10 Rx
CarriageHouse Feb 25,2015

CarriageHouse Feb 25,2015

Beth K 3:59am
Congrats! Casie and Joe! So excited for you! We are going to have a C M-D!

Beth K 6:54am
I'm judging Allison at 9 sat -available after that- working Sunday

Torri 8:06am
I am available to judge as needed. I will add my info to the board if not already there. I will be pretty open over the weekend as needed, and can offer Fridays at 7 am provided there is no one signed up for class, and Fridays and Mondays at noon for anyone needing those times.

Matt T 9:16am
I will need a judge Saturday morning too if anyone is available I would really appreciate it.

Curt 9:24am
If you come at nine on Saturday you may not be able to go right at nine but as soon as somebody gets done we will work everybody through.

Matt T 9:52am
Good deal! Thanks guys

Hannah 10:11am
Sorry Matt, that was me. Nick was logged in on my computer! But I can still judge you at 9!

Curt 1:46pm
matt why are you not listed on our team?

Curt 2:10pm
I think you need to go to your settings in your games profile and join team.

Matt T 2:59pm
When I select carriage house and click join affiliate It won't save for some reason??

Torri 3:03pm
Thank you to the noon group for your support today, especially Jo for doing the last round of burpees with me! Great group today! WB, DL and Burpees  - three things I love . . . .

Jolene 3:20pm
You're very welcome TT!  Always a pleasure working with the noon crew!

Joe D 5:41pm
Anybody looking for new Crossfit gear.  Use code CF40 for 40% off at

Pete 6:46pm
Thanks Joe.  My new nanos are on the way