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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deadlift 205/155
Burpee  (find a pullup bar to touch with full extension and a jump)

20 minute time cap

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Welcome Mark & Penni
Nick G
Sorry the verse of the week is late! This verse is a little longer so we will be using it for Week 4 and Week 5. Thanks! -Casie and Hannah  

Verse of the Week

Verse of the Week, Week Four:

Isaiah 40:31 New International Version (NIV)

“but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.”

About the book of Isaiah:

Isaiah is called 'The Book of Salvation.' The name Isaiah means 'the salvation of the Lord' or 'the Lord is salvation.' Isaiah is the first book containing the writings of the prophets of the Bible. And the author, Isaiah, who is called the Prince of Prophets, shines above all the other writers and prophets of Scripture. His mastery of the language, his rich and vast vocabulary, and his poetic skill have earned him the title, 'Shakespeare of the Bible.' He was educated, distinguished, and privileged, yet remained a deeply spiritual man. He was committed to obedience over the long haul of his 55-60 year ministry as a prophet of God. He was a true patriot who loved his country and his people. Strong tradition suggests that he died a martyrs death under the reign of King Manasseh by being placed within the hallow of a tree trunk and sawed in two.

Isaiah's calling as a prophet was primarily to the nation of Judah (the southern kingdom) and to Jerusalem, urging the people to repent from their sins and return to God. He also foretold the coming of the Messiah and the salvation of the Lord. Many of his prophesies predicted events that occurred in Isaiah's near future, yet at the same time they foretold the events of the distant future (such as the coming of the Messiah), and even some events still to come in the last days (such as the second coming of Christ).

In summary, the message of Isaiah is that salvation comes from God—not man. God alone is Savior, Ruler and King.

John W. Ritenbaugh has a wonderful commentary on this verse regarding rest and re-newed strength.  

“It is vital for us to understand that this is where the Sabbath 'rest' comes from! God is the source of strength, power, and refreshment. They all come from our relationship with God within the proper keeping of the Sabbath day. He gives it to us as a gift of His grace.

He restores our energy. He gives us the power to overcome and to grow. He gives us peace of mind so that we are truly rested. He helps us to recover our strength. He enables us to live confident, hope-filled lives. He gives us good health and sound minds. 'The Lord gives His beloved sleep.' He gives us strength-restoring sleep. All of these things are gifts of grace from time well-spent in fellowship with Him, developing the relationship with Him and communicating with Him in Bible study and prayer.

How we use the Sabbath day tells Him a great deal about how we will do in His Kingdom. I fear that many of us have put the wrong emphasis on it. We tend to look at the Sabbath day as 'things that we cannot do' rather than 'things we can do' - truly liberating things we cannot devote time to do on the other six days of the week.”

Food for Thought:
Many of us struggle with the idea of rest or a rest day. How does this verse relate to that concept?

Power Snatch and Row

Power Snatch 95/62-65
Calorie Row  Damper @ 10

Rx2 53/35 KB

1st11:32 RxMichelle Tue,Jul 22,2014
2nd14:04 RxHannah Tue,Jul 22,2014
3rd16:46 RxElisha Tue,Jul 22,2014
1st7:47 RxNick G Tue,Jul 22,2014
2nd7:49 RxJoe Tue,Jul 22,2014
3rd8:02 RxZack Tue,Jul 22,2014

Joe7:49 Rx
Meredith11:42  42#
Amber11:42  32#
Jessica P14:19  27# Power Snatch
JTW8:29  35#kb
Michelle11:32 Rx
Kerris12:11  #42
Peggy14:21  55#
Bob10:31  #175 DL
Ricky9:29 Rx
Zack8:02 Rx
Beth W13:47  52#
Curt8:43 Rx
Laura K10:15  43#
Casie12:53  43#
Elisha16:46 Rx Yikes
Brady10:18  55# power snatch
Hannah14:04 Rx
Nick G7:47 Rx
Alaina11:18  #42
CarriageHouse Jul 22,2014

CarriageHouse Jul 22,2014

Beth W 7:21am
Nice to see you posting, Mark!  Great job on the extra row work yesterday!

Casie 7:51am
Jessica, patient smatient... You're so much fun to WOD with. I'm so glad you joined!

Bianca 5:32pm
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone I have met in the last 2 and a half weeks! Crossfit completely turned my summer around; I only wish I had joined sooner. I've never been surrounded by such positive, hard working, and uplifting people all in one place at the same time; what you guys have going on is incredible and I can't wait to come back and be a part of your crossfit family again!

Mona 7:16pm
Thanks to everyone in the 7 AM class for all the encouraging words this morning.

Ricky 7:23pm
Go ahead and rename this WOD. The Joe show.

Casie 8:02pm
Bianca come back soon!!!

Elisha 8:34pm
We were happy you joined, Bianca! Come back soon! You're always welcome 😊