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  Wednesday, April 16, 2014
This is another way to practice getting stronger for muscle ups.

Shuttle Row
1 shuttle
100 row (100)
2 shuttles
200 row (300)
3 shuttles
300 row (600)
4 shuttles
400 row (1000)
5 shuttles
500 row (1500)
6 shuttles
600 row (2100)
7 shuttles  
700 row (2800)
8 shuttles
800 row (3600)

21:47 Rx Jolene Today!
 21:52 Rx Beth W Today!
  23:53 Jennifer Today!
19:07 Rx Joe Today!
 19:28 Rx Ed N Today!
  20:06 Rx Steve Today!

Jennifer23:53  Had to walk most of the shuttles
Brian J20:35 Rx
Joe19:07 Rx
Jolene21:47 Rx
Steve20:06 Rx
Beth W21:52 Rx
Ed N19:28 Rx
Susan12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
Kerris12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Apr 16,2014

CarriageHouse Apr 16,2014

CarriageHouse Apr 16,2014

Jamie 4:46am
Lots of activity and people yesterday at CHCF, new athletes, new coaches, new judges (M), skill work, strength work, really an atmosphere for improvement at any level.  Curt, I liked your Muscle-up Mini-Throw down, always pushing each other to get better. Keep up the hard work everyone

Jolene 8:16am
Glad to have you rowing by my side this morning B!  Great job!

Torri 9:20am
Nice job early birds!!

Elisha 10:08am
Love the muscle up practice video, Nat! Nice job everyone!

Wes 11:35am

Jolene 11:40am
Box Jumps for me Wes!  Yikes

KT 12:50pm
Weird, I got boxy jumps too.  Yuck!

Torri 12:50pm
Apparently I am wall balls! I took the quiz three times trying to get away from these soul suckers but no such luck!!

Elisha 1:02pm
Hahaha Torri! That's hilarious. I got box jumps, too :(

Ed N 1:06pm
I seriously got Crossfit is not for everyone- sitting on the couch!

Vicki K 1:40pm
No way...a burpee, what??? I've never even done a burpee - not yet anyway!

Renee 1:46pm
Umm I got handstand pushup.... that can't be! haha!

Beth K 2:22pm
Nice work today noon group! Way to go after it! Good job!

Nick G 2:54pm
My was thruster! Lol

Nick G 2:54pm

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  Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Welcome Gary & Zack
Simpy Irresistible
AMRAP in 7 minutes

3 Box Jumps
1 Muscle up

rest 1 minute and record rounds

AMRAP in 7 minutes
5 Box jumps
1 muscle up

record rounds and reps

Scaling for muscle ups is as follows
1 muscle up
2 chest to bar pullups
3 pull ups
4 banded
5 jumping

each of these counts as 1 muscle up as far as scoring.

24+12 Beth K Tue,Apr 15,2014
 20 + 8 Stephanie G Tue,Apr 15,2014
  19+2 Kelly Tue,Apr 15,2014
25+5 Rx Curt Tue,Apr 15,2014
 Nick G Tue,Apr 15,2014
 18+9 Rx Craig M Tue,Apr 15,2014
  16+? DNF Rx Ricky Tue,Apr 15,2014

Katie L13+4  115#, banded pu
Laura K12+5  135#, banded pu
Meredith8+5  175# DL, banded pull-ups
Stacy10  145# first 5 PU unbanded last 5 bin binkey band
Michelle16+5  155#, pull-ups
Bob14+8  165 DL (5) Ring Row
Beth K24+12  Lwt115# CTB
KT15+8  135#dl, 24 in box, 5 push-us for mu
Beth W16+8  145 DL, unassisted pups
Stephanie G20 + 8  83# DL, 5 pushups
Marybeth16+16  115# DL & banded PU
Jamie14+5  135 PC, no DL, all muscle ups
Elisha17+1  CTB/3 PU.
Ed N17  #175 CTB, 30' box
Kelly19+2  145#DL, CTB/pull-ups; 24' box
Casie18+3  110#, step ups, jumping PU
Curt25+5 Rx
Joe18  225#/CTB
Nick G25 + 5 Rx 190#
Hannah15+14  145# DL, Pull-ups
Ricky16+? DNF Rx 225# DL /30'' box
Renee15+11  #80 step ups, jumping pull ups
Natalie11+7  DL 140,15box
Tod20+1  225# DL, chest to bar pu's
Craig M18+9 Rx 205#DL w/MUs
CarriageHouse Apr 15,2014

CarriageHouse Apr 15,2014

CarriageHouse Apr 15,2014

Meredith 6:25am
Thank you Natalie for the pointers so I could lift dude weight this morning.

Stacy 7:08am
Awesome job, Meredith!!! Fun with everyone this morning-nice work !!

Natalie 10:06am
Dude weight it was too!

Wes 10:34am
Look at you, Meredith, lifting dude weight.  #michellewho?

Hannah 10:43am
Beth K! Those numbers are amazing!

Elisha 10:46am
Hahaha I love that Wes keeps going with that even on here. Beth K, that is SO awesome!

Jolene 10:48am
You go Beth K - where's your muscle up?  I think it's time!!!!

Leevia 11:00am
Awesome job Beth K!

Beth K 11:24am
Thanks guys- may be big no but light weight and my muscle up left me?👎

Beth K 11:25am
Steph when is that baby Fran coming??you look awesome lady!

Torri 11:41am
Wow Beth K - you are my inspiration woman!! And Meredith too - look at you DL'ng a dude! Great job to all of the early morners this am! You  always set the bar high for the rest of us!

Beth K 11:55am
Look at you Mere- you go girl ! That's awesome dude wt!

Beth W 1:22pm
Stacy, the binky band is a mind game...I challenge you to toss it out by May 1.  Kersh is a jackrabbit!

Ed N 1:58pm
6:15 spouse WOD looks fun!

Hannah 2:06pm
Steph, I love that you are still lifting and woding past your due date! That is seriously inpressive.

Curt 2:13pm
We shall call you mr observative! Lol. Wish Alaina and I could join! She's in MRI right now, hopefully we get her fixed up soon!

Elisha 2:14pm
I second Hannah's comment. Is baby Fran going to arrive with a six  pack?

Beth K 3:13pm
Alaina I hope they find out what is going on and you get back to where you were - ripping it in the gym! We miss you!

Ed N 3:49pm
Get her fixed up soon!

KT 4:53pm
Steph G. You rock!

Stacy 5:15pm
Steph- Absolutely Amazing !!! Beth K, you  are a force- nice job lady!  
Beth W, I know it's a mind game, I got to find out where mine went😳😱 Always up for a challenge 👍👍 Alaina wishing you the best!!!

Kim N 5:28pm
Spouse WOD?  Oh boy...

Michelle 5:43pm
Oh Wes you are such a funny guy

Ed N 7:45pm
Wow Jamie, awesome job. Fun watching Curt , Nick, Ricky & Phillip on the muscle ups after class

Casie 8:16pm
I read this everyday to Joe (as if he hasn't already read it). I'm always so proud of everyone! Renee, thanks for partnering with me today :)

Meredith 8:34pm
Thanks for the shout outs ladies and gents. It was fun to watch the 6:15 class lift heavy and work hard. Although it's not as fun watching it while dying during a row WOD. Which reminds me... Pete where were you? I think that's a no show Lira!!

Stephanie G 9:35pm
Baby Fran is ready to start WODing! Hopefully any day now:)

Ricky 9:43pm
Really liked the muscle up wod.

Renee 10:19pm
Thanks for being my WOD partner today Casie!!! Everyone did an awesome job!!

Ricky 11:12pm
Curt, if you get a chance check out a video on The Chive. It's formula1 pit stop, 1950 vs present.... And if you don't know what The Chive is check it out and you're welcome....