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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Welcome Joel
GWOD (Goulash)

Check In
Attempt each sequence on the minute  for 25 minutes
5 rounds
10 V  straddle sit ups
5 Dips  (ring or bar)
1 burpee pullover
6 hanging hip touches
1 rope climb

Steve TYes  Rope is not my friend!
PeggyYes  3rd knot on the steps
Steve KYes 
Beth KYes 
JoelYes  Burpee got it but the pullover may take a day or two
BreanneYes  Attempted but didn't succeed on everything.
Nick KYes  Assisted burpee pullover
Beth WYes 
Kim N6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
PJA6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Ed N6:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Aug 27,2014

CarriageHouse Aug 27,2014

CarriageHouse Aug 27,2014

CarriageHouse Aug 27,2014

Peggy 6:39am
Loving G-day with my 5am peeps!  Way to turn your can'ts into cans!!

Lucas 7:16am
''I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.'' - Henry Rollins

Torri 8:56am
Great quote Lucas!

Beth W 9:30am
Love the quote, Lucas.  
Check out Heather's shoulders in the farmer carry.  Nice example of good form - this is harder as weight increases but something to always remember, especially for me.

Craig M 9:53am
Hey CF Friends!

I usually don’t plug website or push supplements on people, but I thought I would share this one today just in case others at the box were curious about post-wod recoveries.

I just ran out of Progenex yesterday and have been doing a little research on a new recovery because Progenex, while it tastes amazing, is just so dang expensive. I think I’ve talked with Joe about this dilemma.

After asking a good friend of mine I came to know at CrossFit North Peoria about some suggestions, she recommended 1st Phorm. Not only is she a good friend, she’s a stellar athlete. Some of you may have seen her at the State Fair competition. I believe she took first in the individual females RXd.
Anyways, as a dietician and CF competitor, if she is willing to put her name on this product after scrutinizing the label, I’m down with it. She also informed me she’s willing to answer anyone's questions related to the products or nutrition in general.

Jolene 10:57am
Thanks for the input Craig!

Elisha 11:30am
Hahaha love that picture, Jen!

Hannah 12:56pm
Hi Everyone! I have had a couple of requested to ordering more women's tanks in a different color. If you are interested could you please post, along with what color you like. The link is below. From a design stand point I think the following colors would work the best: True Sun, Turquoise, True Azalea, and Pink Ribbon.  

I will place a order for the most liked color! Thanks!¤tColor=HO

Kerris 1:49pm
Fun day as always!  Thanks to Beth K and Tod, I know it wasn't easy getting me over that bar! And to Michelle, thanks for pushing me, typical!!  Breanne, you are doing awesome on those rope climbs, keep it up!

Elisha 2:06pm
KO, did you climb the rope again?!

Breanne 3:00pm
Thanks KO!!! Love the noon group, you guys are always so supportive! I'm determined to master the rope. I def have some rope burn going on. Haha

Beth W 3:05pm
One word Bre:  kneesocks.  haha

Beth K 3:53pm
Fun time at noon! Nice work everyone on all the movements! You all were awesome!

Tod 4:01pm
Great job today nooners!  Pretty exciting seeing people accomplish things they didn't think they could do and/or getting prs on their weight!

MaryAlice 5:16pm
Hannah- I am interested in a shirt. I would like Azalea or turquoise.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
I have been asked to move the preschool CrossFit kids to 3:45 on Tuesdays.  It still starts on September the 2nd.  CrossFit kids will be thursday at 3:30.  It can be moved, let me know.

Thanks to Curt and Steve we have a nice wall ball/kettlebell storage racks.  The gym Trolls have struck again!  Early Christmas....

20 Minute Time Cap

6 rounds

200 meter Row (20)
10 burpees over the rower  (Those that are running need to set up a barbell to do the burpees over)
100 meter farmers walk (10)
Rx2 Run

Farmers walk will be done outside in the parking lot from the line to the sidewalk and back

Farmers walk can be done with plates/Dumbbells/KB in each hand

Rx is 40+/25+

Each round is worth 30  

Estimate you distance if you do not finish a run, row or farmers walk (10 meters = 1)

1st16:18 RxJolene Tue,Aug 26,2014
2nd16:32 RxCasie Tue,Aug 26,2014
3rd17:45 RxMichelle Tue,Aug 26,2014
1st20 RxRicky Tue,Aug 26,2014
2nd13:50 RxCurt Tue,Aug 26,2014
3rd14:58 RxSteve K Tue,Aug 26,2014

Amber19:19 Rx Ran
Meredith20:00  5+20, run, finished in 22:29
Alaina19:17 Rx PR on going to 5am! PS holding the plates with fingers=may not be able to write today
Nick K19:09? Rx
Beth K17:06  burpees yes just not jumping over rower
Joe16:51 Rx Ran, 53#kb
Curt13:50 Rx Run, 53
Steve K14:58 Rx Ran, 53#kb
Zack18:02 Rx 53 kb
Kaila19:26  Modified burpee
Jenna19:57 Rx Run=Brutal
Breanne19:31 Rx
Natalie20:00  5+20
Jessica P20:00 Rx 5+20, Finished in 21:30
Kim T19:14 Rx
Michelle17:45 Rx run, 35# kb
Beth W20:00 Rx 5+60 finished 20:10
Leevia17:51 Rx
Stacy17:52 Rx Run and 35# kb-ran an extra lap and extra burpees for me
Casie16:32 Rx Run
Hannah19:04 Rx
Torri18:38 Rx row, 35# KBS for farmers carry
Tod18:35 Rx row, 53# KBS for farmers carry
Jamie16:49 Rx Run, 53 lb KB
Ron16:57 Rx
Liz19:44? Rx
Jolene16:18 Rx
Craig M19:08 Rx
Nick G15:28 Rx I lost count! 70# KB
Maggie P20  4+run
Ricky20 Rx 70kb lost count. I stopped when Nick and Craig stopped.
Kerris20:00  missed the last farmer carry, would have Rx'd it, argh!!
CarriageHouse Aug 26,2014

CarriageHouse Aug 26,2014

CarriageHouse Aug 26,2014

Jolene 7:58am
Woohoo - way to go Alaina!  5 am is brutal!  Nice to see you on the leaderboard again.

Beth W 8:10am
Congrats on that 5AM PR, Alaina.  Kudos to anyone whose joints move that early :).

Beth W 8:13am
SO to Hannah who is so graceful and powerful with the heavy lifts.  Last night was super impressive!

Beth K 8:31am
SO to all the ladies that are heavy hitters in our gym! There are a lot of gals that are getting very strong and lifting large loads! Keep up the solid work-you are all amazing!

Beth K 8:34am
We also have guys in the gym that are turning into beasts! It's been awesome watching how strong you all are getting-a little more each day! Time and effort has certainly been the payoff!

Beth W 11:31am
Amen Beth.  I haven't seen one person in the gym who isn't giving it their all and getting stronger every week.  Even a single pound progression soon turns into 5, 10, etc.  Such a blast to watch the growth!

Meredith 12:29pm
Hey Amber, you totally made it under the time cap...great job girl!  Thanks to Beth K & the 5AM crew for helping me finish the WOD this morning. Also a SO to Alaina for waking up & big Joe for accepting the challenge. Keep up the good work today!

Natalie 2:19pm
Jessica the preschool class will be 20 mins long.  Maybe you can sit and grade papers.

Hannah 3:17pm
Thanks Curt and Steve! It looks so nice! It makes my little OCD heart sing!

Beth W 3:21pm
Yes, thanks gym trolls!

Jessica P 4:34pm
I agree with Hannah :-). It looks great in there!

Stacy 6:54pm
Hot fun in the gym tonight!!! Thanks for lifting with me Torri!! And thanks to you and Beth W for tips on the OHS, you ladies rocked them!! Awesome job everyone on this one!!:)

Stacy 6:54pm
Thanks Curt and Steve!! They look amazing!!

Torri 8:10pm
It was really fun Stacy - you are getting very strong - watch out D Town Throwdown Masters! Great job 4:15ers - and to all you burpee masters - I'm not worthy!!

Torri 8:11pm
Thank you Curt and Steve  - you two are awesome!

Torri 8:12pm
Casie Darnell - you are quick quick quick!!

Leevia 8:31pm
Holy smokes Casie that is awesome!

Liz 8:34pm
Casie is awesome:)

Thx for lifting w me Hannah and Casie!!

Jolene 8:39pm
Nice job 6:15ers. Thanks Jamie for pushing me tonight.

Amber 8:48pm
Thank Meredith, I look to you every morning and push to do the things you do!!! You're a great insperation. Plus, the way you finished this morning just goes to show just how amazing you are!!

Casie 9:01pm
Right back at you, Torri, Leevia and Liz... You ladies are the tops!  Hannah and Liz, it was great to watch you guys put up that weight today... Very proud of you. (Sorry I made you snatch by accident, Liz). Curt and Steve, it was like walking into Disney with the new WB, KB station.... Thank you! Awesome job tonight, Jo... Thank you for the TTB positive thoughts.