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Friday, October 24, 2014
Cry Baby Cry ( your're old enough to know better)

AMRAP in 20 minutes
6 bear crawls (on the mats down and back 3 times)
200 meter hotlap  
12 WB

Each round is 20 reps

Score rounds plus reps

RobRx Bear crawls = 0 likes
Nick KRx Bear crawls suck...
KT4+1 Rx Titanium back and long legs don't work well w bear crawls
Stacy4+3  weighted lunges down and back 3x round - few more first round. Sore wrist and arm:( 15# carry
Maggie P5+1  Lunges

Stacy 7:23am
Thanks for finishing the round with me Jessica P!!! You rock!! Beth K you are Wonder Woman for sure-you are determined and kill it!! Great job everyone on those bear crawls!

KT 7:27am
Thanks for lifting w me Maggie, you did awesome girl!!

Maggie P 7:51am
KT!! Awesome job today!! Thanks for the push!! That was so fun!!

Torri 8:09am
Great job this morning 5 and 6 amers! I have never seen so many dirty looks - the bear crawl brings it out in everyone!!! Great job to Maggie, KT and Nick K on those awesome hang squats! That was fun to watch! Maggie and KT are beasts!!

Torri 8:10am
Also - thanks to everyone for humor ins me on the Burpee warm up! You guys are troopers!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Happy Birthday Karl
Anniversary Colleen & Kim T


1000 meter row
50 KBS

Stacy21:27 Rx
Nick K23:51? Rx
Amber24:41 Rx
Beth K20:31  25#kb
Meredith22:57  44# KB, Russian swings
Ron21:15 Rx
JTW21:56 Rx
KT24:07 Rx 44# first round then 35#
Elisha22:12 Rx 44# KB
David Ha25:58  44# KB
Craig M23:22 Rx 70#
Hannah21:00  sit-ups and squats in place of kb, resting for comp
Liz24:35? Rx
Jamie23:21 Rx 53# KB
Natalie26:46 Rx
Maggie P24:46  25kb
Breanne20:43  30# KB
Candie23:07  20#kb
CarriageHouse Oct 23,2014

CarriageHouse Oct 23,2014

Stacy 6:15am
Happy Anniversary Colleen and Kim T!!! Happy Birthday Karl!! Nice work this morning 5 amers!! Have a great day!!

Leevia 8:08am
Great pictures!

Stacy 8:21am
Awesome work Meredith and Peggy!!!  Amazing pics! Nice work this morning Nick K!!!

Beth K 8:45am
Awesome Peg! and way to go Mer! Happy Birthday Karl! Happy Anniversary Colleen & Kim T!

Jolene 10:12am
Just an FYI - Collin will be competing in a 3 day competition this weekend in Springfield, MO.  I have asked that he try to post on our website how his team is doing, or better yet to post a link so we can keep tabs on him.  Wish him luck!

Hannah 1:00pm
Way to go Peggy and Mer! That is awesome!

Torri 2:45pm
Happy Anniversary Kim T and Colleen!! Hope you are having a great day! Great pic Peggy - awesome job to you and Mere!!

Curt 6:08pm
Nick k - awesome work man, keep kicking butt. Where are those sisters of yours?!?

Nick K 7:00pm
Those sisters just can't handle the Crossfit life I guess curt!