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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Anniversary Meredith
Welcome Nick K
On Sat.  08/02/14, we will still be having the 7AM team WOD.  Sign up accordingly. After the Wod, we wil be moving stuff to the pool for the 9 and 10 WOD.

10 WQODl

Against the Wind

IN 3 Minutes:
400 M Run
Max Reps box jumps for remainder of 3 Minutes
…Rest 2 Minutes…

In 3 Minutes:
400 M Run
Max Reps Hand release chest tap KBS for remainder of 3 Minutes
…Rest 2 Minutes…

IN 3 Minutes:
400 M Run
Max Reps Burpees for remainder of 3 Minutes

Rx2 Row instead of run

1st70 RxStacy Today!
2nd67 RxMichelle Today!
3rd21 RxMeredith Today!
1st90 RxSteve Today!
2nd78 RxZack Today!
3rd66 RxJoe Today!

Steve90 Rx
Joe66 Rx 30' box/2 pood
Michelle67 Rx Jumps, 44#kb
Meredith21 Rx Goat WOD
Peggy63  row; 10# box jump; 30# kb 20-34-9
Stacy70 Rx
KT71 Rx2 24inch box
Torri96  Hotel WOD - 18-20 in bench for step ups, 20 in DB snatch for Kbs, burpees for burpees
Zack78 Rx
Nick K100  35# KB
Kerris45 Rx2
Marybeth12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
Tod12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
Jenna12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
Breanne12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
Audra L12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
CarriageHouse Jul 31,2014

CarriageHouse Jul 31,2014

Ed N 2:46am
Happy Anniversary Mer!

Elisha 7:15am
Happy anniversary, Mer! :)

Natalie 7:18am
Mereideth, you are such an asset to our gym!  WE would not be the same with out you.

Natalie 7:19am
Jen doing unassisted pull ups.  Thanks for taking some picures yesterday Liz!

Casie 7:24am
Mer, you are an amazing athlete and an incredibly strong woman. You are encouragement to all when they need it most. You are a natural coach on form. You are my all knowing friend. My life would not be the same without you. Thank you for being such a great friend! Love you and a very happy anniversary!!

Casie 7:25am
Jen... Great job on those pull ups!

Beth W 7:27am
Happy anniversary Meredith!

Jolene 7:43am
Happy Anniversary Mer!  You are such a great asset to the box, but also a great friend to me.  You are always there for support, encouragement, and motivation, and always know the right things to say when needed.  Good luck at the State Fair!  Love ya!

Joe 7:51am
Happy Anniversary Mer!!

Thanks for the push on the run this morning Michelle!

Susan 7:57am
Happy anniversary Meredith!!!

Steve 7:59am
Happy anniversary glad you joined the box. Nice job on the pull ups Jen P

Beth W 8:48am
D-Town Throwdown update:  Just got a PM from the director that all team slots are filled.

Stacy 9:13am
Happy anniversary Meredith!!!! You are such a great asset to our gym!! Love working out with you and greatly appreciate your encouragement and support you give to us all. Your smile and spirit says it all-love ya!

Stacy 9:17am
Great morning in the gym with Mona, Ron and Zack- nice work!!!  Love the pic. Jen P.- you rock!!

Leevia 11:39am
Happy anniversary Meredith! Great picture Jen!

Jolene 1:38pm
Great to see you on the leaderboard KT!  Nice work today!

Liz 1:50pm
Happy Anniversary, Meredith!

Torri 1:56pm
Happy Anniversary Meredith! Always encouraging, always motivating, always hard working and becoming a BEAST! So glad to  have u in my life! You are awesome!

Kerris 2:09pm
Happy Anniversary Meredith!!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Anniversary Stephanie G
There will be a Saturday team wod at the gym at 7am  Then there is a 9am and 10am wod at Nickols park pool.  Spread the word.  You may do both.

Pullup/Powersnatch Ladder

AMRAP in 7 minutes  

pullups/power snatch 95/73  

Score the total number of reps completed.

You choose to use a KB snatchfor this WOD.  Use a KB that exceeds1/2 the barbell weight.  Change the rep scheme to 2/4, 4/6, etc.  This will allow you be even on your rt/lt KB snatch.  Score is still total reps

1st67 RxJolene Wed,Jul 30,2014
Hannah Wed,Jul 30,2014
2nd83Kaila Wed,Jul 30,2014
Alaina Wed,Jul 30,2014
3rd69Natalie Wed,Jul 30,2014
1st95 RxSteve Wed,Jul 30,2014
Nick G Wed,Jul 30,2014
2nd85 RxJoe Wed,Jul 30,2014
3rd92Tod Wed,Jul 30,2014

Joe85 Rx
Kaila83  45# jumping pull up
Kelsey D49  55#, banded pu
Alexa65  42#, banded pu
Mona66  Jumping pull-ups 32#
Jolene67 Rx
Steve95 Rx
Tod92  85#
Stacy45  52# power snatch a few PU then banded
Casie48  60#
Hannah67 Rx
David Ha49  75#, banded pullup
Beth W62  65#
Liz59  55#
Natalie69  52 power snatch
Alaina83  55# rx pull-ups
Kerris52  #55ps banded
Ron87  Deadlift/jumping pull ups
Nick G95 Rx
PJA46  62#
Brady75  75#
Jolene 6:33am
Happy anniversary Steph!

Elisha 6:39am
Happy anniversary, Steph! 😊

Casie 6:46am
Happy anniversary! You are a great athlete, Steph!

Beth W 7:13am
Congrats, Steph!

Meredith 7:29am
Happy anniversary to the BURPEE QUEEN!!

Stacy 7:36am
Happy Anniversary Steph!!!

Bianca 7:50am
Happy anniversary!! (:

Kelsey D 7:56am
Happy anniversary, Steph!!

Nick G 8:58am
Happy anniversary Stephanie!

Steve 9:59am
Happy anniversary Stephanie...

Hannah 10:08am
Happy anniversary Stephanie! You are a amazing athlete and I always admire how you give a 120% to each and every wod!

Eryka 10:34am
Happy anniversary Steph you are such an inspiration.

Liz 10:50am
Happy Anniversary, Steph!! :)

Leevia 11:36am
Happy anniversary Steph!

Ed N 12:11pm
Happy Anniversary Stephanie!

Elisha 12:58pm
I second Hannah's comment

Jolene 1:06pm
Way to go noon crew - what a big class with so much potential!  Nice job gang!

Tod 2:13pm
Happy Anniversary Steph!

Michelle 2:29pm
Happy Anniversary Steph!

Elisha 8:18pm
Eryka, thanks for pushing me today! I wouldn't have done it if you weren't there. :) Also, s/o to Craig for being a distraction so I could finish my lifts without being in the spotlight.

Casie 8:20pm
Great job Hannah and Jo!!! Very impressive

Susan 8:53pm
Happy anniversary Steph!!!

Alaina 8:56pm
Happy anniversary steph!! Thanks SO much Jen for putting my stuff away!!! My little fish made it to swim lessons!

Kerris 9:06pm
Happy Anniversary Steph!!!